Bobby Hauck’s Grizzlies Get Back To Basics With Assaults, Victory

by William Skink

The Montana Grizzlies opened up their 2018/19 football season this year without their starting running back, Jeremy Calhoun. Why did Calhoun get suspended? Because he allegedly put a fellow student in the hospital back in May.

The wheels of the criminal justice system are moving especially slow for Calhoun. It’s been nearly 4 months since the assault and apparently the Missoula County Attorney’s Office has not made a decision yet about what to do. Making things worse, Calhoun had another run-in with the law 6 week after the alleged assault:

Calhoun, a star running back for the team, has been implicated in two unrelated conflicts during the offseason.

He allegedly was involved in a fight May 5 outside Stockman’s Bar on Front Street that sent a University of Montana student to the hospital.

Six weeks later, Calhoun was cited for disorderly conduct. According to his Missoula Municipal Court citation, Calhoun used profane language, calling an “unknown female” a “bitch.” Calhoun pleaded not guilty Friday in Municipal Court. His next hearing has been set for Oct. 25.

At this point, no charges have been filed in District Court in connection with the fight. Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst told the Missoulian in an email Friday her office has been working with the victim to gather additional information about his injuries. She said prosecutors expect to file a complaint in the coming weeks. Calhoun’s attorney, John Smith, declined to comment.

The Griz football program under the tutelage of Bobby Hauck is getting back to basics, winning on the field and committing acts of violence off the field. I’m sure the UM foundation will pony up for some good legal representation and a plea deal will be reached.

Go Griz!

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