Does The Resistance Support Torture And War?

by William Skink

UPDATE: Propublica has retracted a portion of their reporting on Haspel.

Will Christian Crusader Pompeo and Bloody Gina face any opposition from the resistance? Early indications are no:

The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), on Wednesday cited a “very good working relationship” with Haspel, currently the agency’s deputy director. Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.), a red-state Democrat who also sits on the Intelligence panel, said he was “very much open-minded.”

Even one of the Senate’s harshest critics of “enhanced interrogation techniques” and the architect of the so-called torture report, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), signaled a surprisingly open reception to Haspel that could pull others off the fence.

“We’ve had dinner together. We have talked. Everything I know is she has been a good deputy director,” Feinstein said on Tuesday, adding, “I think, hopefully, the entire organization learned something from the so-called enhanced interrogation program.”

Gina Haspel oversaw a CIA black site in Thailand where prisoners were tortured. That is a war crime. Gina Haspel also participated in obstruction of justice when she destroyed video evidence of said torture. That is also a crime, but I guess for establishment Democrats it’s no big deal.

To provide cover for this criminal Trump selected to head the CIA, the excuse used by Nazis at the Nuremberg trial is being used: she was just following orders.

How can Democrats go along with this? Are they just following orders as well? If Democrats don’t mount any opposition to these new members of team Trump what does that mean?

Mike Krieger thinks this means Trump is moving toward war:

Trump’s push to install Mike Pompeo as U.S. Secretary of State is a crystal clear indication that he’s begun the process of building his war cabinet. The next steps, likely to begin over the course of 2018, is to walk away from the Iran deal. I suspect relentless war propaganda to be unleashed simultaneously as the neocon/neoliberal/mass media war-monger alliance plays its well established role in selling the American public on another pointless and destructive war.

If Haspel and Pompeo glide through their respective confirmations that should tell discerning citizens something troubling (that’s of course assuming discerning citizens actually exist).

If the resistance won’t make a peep now about these sociopaths, what will they do when the war drums really start pounding?

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    It’s not water boarding if you use diesel.

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