A Quick Note

by William Skink

I haven’t been able to put a post out for awhile because I think nearly everything is bullshit, including vain attempts to cut through it. I don’t have the energy after working and parenting to address the deluge of bullshit coming at us.

Misdirection artists have powerful platforms and plenty of eager customers demanding their services. We are easily distracted, easily divided, easily conquered. I don’t see that changing.

The misdirection I let take me are works of fiction, shows on the screen. I find a lot there that interests me. But now is not the time, nor the place. Not yet.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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4 Responses to A Quick Note

  1. Steve W says:

    Here’s a poem written by my former linguistics prof at the U of M

    Bong-hits for Jesus;
    tax-cuts for the rich.
    How can you lose
    in a country like this?

    I liked it and thought you might as well. It would make a good Berma Shave series.

  2. Djinn&Tonic says:

    Fat Leonard should be on the front page of every paper at least once a week and instead it is buried. I don’t think people realize that this isn’t a story about three guys who just finished basic at Great Lakes meeting a pimp named Fat Leonard from the south side of Chicago this is a story about the top ranking Naval officers in the Pacific engaging in wholesale theft and possible espionage.

  3. Djinn&Tonic says:

    I get it Skink. Rest, take a break, recharge, The Mighty Wurlitzer will never stop. It’s reached the event horizon, who knows what’s next but it wont be good.

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