Daily Outrages And Chosen Delusions

by William Skink

It’s so easy to get sucked in to the daily outrage. I am by no means immune. The tax catastrophe is one of those monumental deceptions that boggles the mind. Trickle down economics never worked, so watching deficit hawks become deficit pigs wallowing in the spoils of class warfare is more than just obscene. It’s demoralizing. Especially because their base will not revolt.

Meanwhile, Democrats up for reelection like Jon Tester are doing their best to exploit this GOP Christmas gift to corporations and the donor class. My reaction to seeing Tester flinging around the hefty tax bill is about the same as my reaction has been to any empty Democratic posturing for votes: I’m not buying it.

Democrats do not represent legitimate opposition to the policies of the plutocrats because they serve the plutocracy. As disastrous as the tax plan will be it will be no worse than the bailout of Wall Street after the housing bubble burst. That happened under a Democrat controlled Congress and a shiny new biracial president who successfully lulled white liberals to sleep for the next 8 years.

Those positioned to feed at the trough are doing so because they know the Great Contraction is coming. They are taking whatever they can get before this fantasy cluster of bubbles starts popping off like fire crackers. And the bubbles will burst.

What I’m less sure about is whether it will be some unforeseen trigger or a controlled pin-prick to set it off. I lean toward the latter. Those at the tippy top of this ponzi pyramid economy will do anything to maintain their positions of power and control.

While the .000001% continue consolidating their hold we will continue fighting each other and sliding deeper into fictions and delusions.

I’m working with my own fictions and delusions. And I’ll keep checking in on other strains of delusion, even if it belches up hoax theories about AIDS from time to time.

Here’s a new video.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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11 Responses to Daily Outrages And Chosen Delusions

  1. One of my goals is to help people understand the meaning of “transitive.” If we all understood this term, instead of just me, you would say “I think Mark’s ideas about AIDS are a HOAX,” but then you would add the word “because” and then you would cite evidence to support that idea. I would go into some depth about how there is indeed immune deficiency, and list the causes of this syndrome, and explain how it comes about and why it is confined to certain groups, and why it is not contagious. You would then say “Yeah, well that’s a HOAX!” and because you know about the word “transitive,” you would know you have to explain why, and you would say “Well shit, I got nuthin’”and STFU.

  2. “The main culprit in the rise of AIDS is not a virus, but rather personal habits in certain population segments, most notably drug abuse, primarily in the homosexual population. Among the many debilitating drugs they took during the heyday of the rise of AIDS were nitrite inhalants, also called “poppers,” which intensified orgasms and relaxed muscle tension, thereby making anal intercourse easier. Nitrites were the single largest cause of the AIDS “epidemic.””

    –Mark Tokarski

    • Drawing a blank here. There is indeed immune deficiency, and it showed up in the 1970s and 80s in the gay community, particularly in the larger cities. Poppers, antibiotics, and recreational drugs were rampant. It was the ongoing effect of these drugs that wore down immune systems, and yielded men (90%) who could not withstand disease. It has also shown up in other drug users, particularly intravenous heroin users. It was not caused by a virus, and was not contagious. A remedy, AZT, not only cures nothing, but accelerates or causes death.

      It still shows up, but never became an epidemic. Victims are always people who choose to abuse drugs and/or alcohol over long periods. It takes ten years or more of that life style.

      the larger aspects, the psyop, the regime of fear in the general population, I do not expect you to understand, as you live it and cannot transcend it. that is forgivable but the baseline ignorance about the nature of the disease is a choice you make, and I am less willing to be congenial about that. You could easily get up to speed by reading. Yu choose not.

      What is on display here, Skink, is ignorance, curable by simple ingestion of information. My post gave you a portal. You refused to enter, and so sit here smug in your knowledge that even knowing nothing, you know more than people who are more thoughtful. A curse on you.

      • correlation is not causation, but I would like to know more about how poppers relax assholes.

        • I’ve been skinked, I realize, that is, I’ve risen to the bait laid out by an asshole. You invited me here with your link, but you have no interest in the subject discussed at my website, the true nature of AIDS. You just want to spread your toxic gloom and angst.

          I realized this morning as I was contemplating this sickly feeling I get on encountering you that you are much like Pogie, insular and stupid, but highly skilled at veiled attack, that is, passive aggressive. I won’t make this mistake again.

          Anyone reading this interested in AIDS, viruses and retroviruses, AZT and its fellow DNA blockers, the “germ theory” of disease and a very interesting 1995 book that has been ignored out of the medical realm, please follow the link provided by Skink above. You won’t be harmed by new information.

        • I don’t know why you thought I wanted to discuss this with you. the title should have clues you in, your chosen delusions are yours. I’ve got my own in working on.

  3. Big Swede says:

    “Trickle Down” does indeed work, for politicians.

    “As the old wisdom has it, rich districts with poor politicians become poor districts with rich politicians. The details don’t actually matter, which is why we get to vote on them.

    “Rome also became a criminal caricature of the republic it once was. In the end the empire’s desiccated husk couldn’t protect itself from the barbarians and the citizenry had long ceased to care.”-Woodpile Report.

  4. Big Swede says:

    By the way Merry Christmas, the most wondrous time of the year!


    Another video Steve won’t watch.

  5. Eric says:

    You don’t like the idea of your standard deduction being doubled, and your tax rate reduced? Why not?

  6. *Eric says:

    It won’t. When the US economy is roaring the amount of money pouring into the treasury will skyrocket. When Obama doubled the debt most people either yawned, or didn’t care, so now it’s time to fix it.

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