Some Lives Matter, Some Lives Don’t

by William Skink

True equality has never, and will never, exist. There is no level playing field. Some lives matter more than others. That’s just the way it is.

Many liberal-leaning people will no doubt recoil at such a brazen assertion. But it’s true. And we are all guilty.

Take, for example, the victims of the Manchester bombing, which targeted attendees of an Ariana Grande concert. Those victims matter immensely because their deaths feed a warped narrative of western victimization that is packaged and sold by corporate media for beneficial political effect.

Unfortunately critical context is often lacking. The perpetrator of the Manchester bombing is alleged to be a Libyan refugee. Libya is a mess because Neoliberals like Clinton and Obama exploited a supposed humanitarian crisis to enact regime change. The resulting chaos has turned Libya into a failed state.

The people dying in Libya don’t carry the same weight as western casualties. After Gaddafi was sodomized with a bayonet, then executed, interest in Libya disappeared. That doesn’t mean the country isn’t descending deeper into disarray.

If you are a liberal supporter of Democrats in America, Libya is probably a distant memory. And because the New York Times isn’t telling you what’s happening in Libya, you would have no clue that a recent bloodbath is pushing Libya closer to outright civil war.

But if you read the Moon of Alabama blog, you would know that the situation in Libya is quickly deteriorating:

(Cairo) Nobody has their eye on Libya with all “western” media preoccupied with DC machinations, Russiaphobia and the first overseas trip of President Trump.

What about the implosion we are on the brink of seeing in Libya following the murder of all LNA Air Force personnel at the Brak al-Shati AFB?

The death toll in the attack of a Libyan National Army airbase, in south Libya, rose to over 140, a spokesman for Field Marshall Khalifa Haftar said on Sunday.

Remarkably it was militia (called ‘the third force’) of the UN unelected Government of National Accord (GNA) under Faez Serraj that attacked and executed the unarmed men in the Brak al-Shati Air base. There were allegedly foreigners among the attackers possibly aligned with al-Qaeda.

This death toll in Libya means nothing to western audiences. Neoliberal complicity in these deaths also means nothing. The result of this reckless blindspot could have dire consequences down the road.

I hope I’m wrong.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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9 Responses to Some Lives Matter, Some Lives Don’t

    • I did waste a brief few minutes looking at the evidence surrounding that incident. It seems they are not even trying anymore. They just show some people with bloodied limbs (surrounded by other people not even upset) and it is enough. They have no respect for the collective intelligence of the British and American public. None. Of course it was fake!

      What is interesting, Steve, is what you said about your fight to preserve our forests, that you make your case in a calm and rational manner and get a visceral and irrational response. I noticed the debate fizzled at that point in that thread. While it is painfully easy to see Manchester is a hoax, pointing that out to people produces just that type of response, as if they want, even need, to believe in the “we are the victims” narrative. That feeling of moral superiority it gives is important enough that people are highly suggestible in these matters, suspending critical judgment when told by news media that there has been “another” terrorist incident. They shut off their brains. If it is on TV, it is true.

  1. Big Swede says:

    Manchester is a small sacrifice for diversity.

    • Do you assume that everything you are told about that is real beyond question? This is the phenomenon we examine on our blog – “news” puts people in a highly suggestive state where they uncritically accept what is said as true behind question. Critical thought facilities, if ever present, are suspended. Anyway, over and out. Not using this blog as a forum. Just know that you are a case study in suggestibility.

      • Big Swede says:

        How’s this for critical thought. All of your borrowed conspiracy theories are politically motivated.

        JFK could’t have been killed by a commie, 9-11 was an inside job, all the domestic terrorist attacks were false flags, etc, etc.

        You sow distrust in anything reported, which in a way invokes chaos and unrest.

        • steve kelly says:

          Beautiful example of doublethink. Or is it willful ignorance? Your stunning lack of cognitive dissonance is remarkable. Reconstruct your reality any way you wish, forget all about it, and then forget that you forgot — the height of self-deception. Being unaware of obvious contradictions is the icing on the cake. “…the truth will set you free…” John 8:32

  2. Sorry about the typos in comment … “behind” s/b beyond, “facilities” s/b faculties. My eyes do not see these things until after I hit “post comment.”

    Regarding “borrowed conspiracy theories,” there is indeed work among people of like mind on our blog and among others, and our commenters are very good. I never claim anyone else’s work as my own. The synergism is exciting, as every door leads to another. I wrote a 7500 word piece last year on John Denver’s “death”, which was faked, every word of my piece original research. I made phone calls, read official reports, and it all dissembled before my eyes. It was astounding how much information is available, how little effort is made to cover up the deceit behind these scams. The people who pull this stuff off are used to a public poorly served by media, with no investigative journalism ever done, and so get very sloppy. Why try hard if they don’t have to?

    So too with Manchester. It is just sloppy, no effort made beyond suggestive videos of people running and a few victims with superficial wounds. They know you’re not going to look closely, so why do anything beyond superficial?

  3. Gianforte body slammed a Guardian reporter: sounds cray cray, but…

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