Hillary’s Health and the Subjective Mainstream Media

by William Skink

After Hillary’s 9/11 medical episode, where she was clearly unable to stand without support before being whisked away not to a hospital, but her daughter’s apartment, the mainstream media has been forced to drastically shift gears. Before Hillary’s collapse, anyone who claimed her health issues were important was quickly depicted as a sexist right-wing conspiracy theorist. After 9/11, the media has been forced to abandon their smear tactics because the conspiracy theorists were right–something is very wrong with Hillary Clinton.

Large swaths of the corporate media will still do anything they can to protect and promote Clinton, including putting forth their own conspiracy theories, like maybe Putin poisoned Clinton. Yes, seriously, this from the Washington Post:

Bennet Omalu, the forensic pathologist who has made the NFL so uncomfortable with his discovery of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in the brains of deceased players, suggests that Hillary Clinton’s campaign be checked for possible poisons after her collapse Sunday in New York.

Omalu, whose story was famously told in the movie “Concussion,” made the suggestion on Twitter, writing that he advised campaign officials to “perform toxicologic analysis of Ms. Clinton’s blood.”

The suggestion was greeted somewhat skeptically in the replies.

But this is Omalu, whose credentials and tenacity are well known. He wasn’t giving up on Twitter, adding that his reasoning is that he does not trust Russian President Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee who has expressed admiration for Putin.

That is one hell of a conspiracy theory coming from the Bezos Post. I guess with so little credibility left, the mainstream media just doesn’t give a shit anymore and will say and write anything to put one of the most untrusted, deceitful political creatures into the White House where she can turn the demonizing rhetoric against Putin into a hot war.

It’s not just the mainstream media that delights in using the conspiracy smear against those who don’t align with their preferred ideology. Party sycophants like partisan blogger Don Pogreba also uses the CT pejorative to attack, ridicule and marginalize writes he doesn’t agree with.

Mike Dennison recently put up an article about political bloggers. To his discredit, he regurgitated the following claim from the anonymous Moogirl:

Political blogs usually have a clear partisan slant and may be seen as tools of a particular party, candidate, or cause.

But the most prominent and persistent political bloggers in Montana insist they are independent, answerable only to themselves.

“Philosophically, I’m a liberal, but I’m not a drum-beater for any political philosophy other than liberalism, freedom and good common sense,” says James Conner, who writes the Flathead Memo, a website that has almost exclusively political commentary. “I receive no money from (any) party or anyone else.”

Even the Montana Cowgirl, Montana’s best-known blog, says it has no formal ties to the state Democratic Party – though its targets are almost exclusively Republicans and conservatives, and it openly and routinely advocates for the election of Democrats in Montana.

James Conner is the only liberal blogger mentioned in the article who can credibly claim independence because he has actually written things that bring the ire of Democrat mouthpieces like Cowgirl. ID and Cowgirl are so obviously Democratic party sycophant blogs that Dennison appears naieve to allow them to claim otherwise.

With less than two months to go until election day, Democrats across the country are getting very nervous. They allowed their primary process to be hijacked by a pathological liar and her army of sycophants (something the partisan bloggers ignored because TRUMP!), they bashed anyone who speculated on Hillary’s health, including journalists and doctors, and now there is the rumblings of contingency planning if it turns out that Hillary is too ill to continue her campaign.

Will fear of Trump and claims that Putin is behind every Democratic fuck-up be enough to win the White House in November? Or will other means have to be implemented, like electronic vote rigging and/or judicial intervention? Remember, the stage has already been set to blame Putin for hacking the US election if things don’t go Hillary’s way.

Regardless, the way the last few days have shaken out, the ability of the mainstream media to be objective has been demolished. We are all conspiracy theorists now.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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5 Responses to Hillary’s Health and the Subjective Mainstream Media

  1. I might suspect Dennison to be a dead rock star, so clueless is his writing. Such lack of insight only comes about by hire. Regarding Hillary’s health, back in 2008 Sarah Palin was doing an interview in her home state and while she talked in the background a turkey was having its neck slit. While sitting among learned people last month I said something about that, and was reminded that if it was on TV, I was meant to see it. It was staged. Did Sarah know about it? Maybe.

    Hillary’s health? There is a game afoot. You can either follow it as if what you see and hear in news is real, or fake.

  2. Big Swede says:

    Large swath’s of entrenched bureaucrats will do anything to protect Clinton too.

  3. Bob Williams says:

    Remember how Mike Dennison composed newspaper reads,
    did build and build, and lead right to the end, when the entire article was tied together,
    in a memorable Way?
    Remember Don’s words.
    For my uses, I kind of recall them casually spoken like:
    (Referring to doing the ID blog)
    . . . but in the end, maybe the blog does not make much difference . . .

    imo Blogs are like people. Why try and change them,
    or try to change perceptions?
    That’s what 911 deniers do.

  4. steve kelly says:

    9/11 towers collapse on tv. 9/11 Hillary collapse on tv. Just a coincidence? What part of staged do people not get? But is it really Hillary? “Truman Show” with no limits.

  5. Reject the “lesser evil”, fight for the greater good
    vote for Stein/Baraka

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