Stupid Is As Stupid Does

by William Skink

Is there any hope intelligent progressives will ever be able to wrap their head around foreign policy? Not for Don Pogreba there isn’t, as evidenced by this depiction of a female politician he doesn’t agree with as breathtakingly stupid.

One of the perspectives put forth by this stupid woman is that the image of the wounded boy in the orange ambulance seat is staged.

I was hesitant to wade into this, but a source I’ve followed and trusted for 8 years–Moon of Alabama–has two posts worth reading: this one and this one.

Before the ridicule and name-calling from any intelligent progressives gets directed this way, I would hope they would at least read the posts.

I would also hope they could consider that in a world where children are suffering terribly in places like Yemen and Israeli-occuppied Palestine, it’s worth asking why Syria? And why now?

Regardless of whether or not the image is staged, it doesn’t really matter. Those of us paying attention know how it will be used: to justify the overthrow of the Assad regime.

Another line of attack against stupid Debra Lamm is the notion that Obama wants an Islamic regime to take power. While no one knows what Obama “wants”, who else is going to fill the vacuum of power if Assad falls? All those “moderate” jihadists? Apparently Don Pogreba suffers from the common form of Americanized amnesia that selectively deletes memories, like what happens when one doesn’t plan for the aftermath of violently overthrowing another country (google Libya, Don).

American amnesia is dangerous. Something that shouldn’t be forgotten is the old saying that the first casualty of war is truth. When it comes to the proxy wars flaring up, there is very little truth to be gleaned from western media.

I got to hand it to the Plutocrats, though, running America’s brilliant political duopoly. It’s truly something to behold, watching Presidents do essentially the same thing, but receiving very different reactions depending on what letter is plastered next to their name on cable news.

Because Obama is a Democrat, he was able to solidify and extend Bush’s interventionist foreign policy for 8 disastrous years. And now, as Obama is about to pass the war baton to the Queen of Chaos, this is the situation: the Taliban control more territory than at any time before 2001, Libya has 3 competing governments, Iraq has lost swaths of territory to Saudi-backed jihadists, NATO’s noose is tightening around Russia, mass starvation from the American-enabled war in Yemen is worsening, Turkey is getting cozy with Russia, Ukraine is about to flare up, and Europe is in the midst of a refugees crisis unseen since WWII.

I don’t think Debra Lamm is stupid. I do think one has to be either stupid or willfully ignorant to think an even more hawkish Democratic president like Hillary Clinton is going to do anything other than ratchet up the death and destruction once elected.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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7 Responses to Stupid Is As Stupid Does

  1. JC says:

    Yep, the propaganda machine has leapt into high speed. Gotta set the stage for the Queen of Chaos to enter stage right and start the hot war with Russia going, first in NE Syria, then in SE Ukraine, then…???

    I would give up all the identity politics for one sane candidate who would shut down the war machine. Sans that, politics is useless right now — and I don’t care about how Supreme Court Justices and faux liberal presidents are going to save all the important civil rights and environmental victories.

    All of those identity political gains get flushed down the tubes when the missiles start flying in WWIII. And if you (the critics out there) think we’re delusional to think so, well, that’s your BF problem. Not ours.

  2. Big Swede says:

    Mark it down as Don hunting for witches.

    The Z man chimes in.

    “The trouble is that all over the West we see that these qualities have swung well into the range of dangerous. The willingness of the EU to fling open the doors to Muslim hordes is what HBD’ers call pathological altruism. Everything we can observe about people from these lands tells us that they cannot make it in a modern Western society. Yet, an overwhelming desire to help strangers is driving the mothers of Europe to sacrifice the inheritance of their sons to help the Muslims.

    The American college campus is under the control of ideological fanatics, who believe in their causes so deeply they are willing to ruin friends and family on behalf of their cause. Thought crimes have become so common, we take them for granted. Readers of this blog take steps to make sure their employers are unaware that they read sites like this one, for fear the morality police will come calling. Supporting a candidate like Trump has become a private act of rebellion.

    The only thing missing from this toxic stew is an excessive believe in the supernatural, but the hunt for hate thinkers is really just a modern form of witch hunting. Everywhere you look, the dials are all turned to eleven. The best qualities, at least the best mix of qualities, that allowed the West to rocket past the world are now in abundance and threatening the whole enterprise. Whatever governor or brake that was in place in the past has been lost and the engine is revving into the red zone.

    Something has gone wrong.”-Z.

    • Big Swede says:


      “The University of Iowa has scrapped plans to create a Bias Assessment and Response Team after determining that such bodies often become what one administrator called “scolding bodies” that can create as many problems as they are intended to solve.
      Iowa’s Chief Diversity Officer, Georgina Dodge, specifically cited the uproar over the University of Northern Colorado’s bias response team, which has been criticized for policing language and violating academic freedom. Details of the UNC bias team’s overreach was first reported by Heat Street in June…

      “Frankly, the [word] BART has become a bit tainted because of the actions that these people have taken,” she said. “One of the things that we’ve seen at many schools is that the BARTs have become almost punitive in nature. When we are dealing with incidents that do not rise to the level of a policy violation, how you are going to penalize someone is a big question?””-Heatstreet.

  3. steve kelly says:

    Any ideas why Jill Stein is getting national air time — free? “Sheepdog” #2? Are there that many Bernie supporters who have gravitated to Trump? Wierd! Not long ago Green candidates were arrested/rejected from national presidential debates. And who can forget the years and years of hate by Democrats for 2000 Green Party candidate Ralph Nader. Sombody, please, tell me what has changed?

    • Pogie’s drift, and I think this true of all liberals and progressives, is that he fancies himself morally and intellectually superior to all others. That is the essence of our two-party system, as each party feels that way about the other, and that is all they really want out if it. That’s why Democrats know nothing of the actual policies promoted by their own party leaders. They don’t care.

      • Big Swede says:

        “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
        ― Samuel Adams

        • Swede, I like the line about “may your chains sett lightly upon you …” , but think you, like Pogie, fancy yourself on the intellectual and morally superior side of the battle, not realizing that you are mere cage fighters.

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