“It’s already over with” -Jon Tester

by William Skink

I may be cynical about what I suspect Bernie Sanders, the candidate, is going to do in the next few weeks, but I have to say it’s been damn impressive to see the relentlessness of his supporters smashing barriers intended to destroy any semblance of populism from threatening the corporate hold on the DNC.

One of those barriers has been cracking the cold shoulder of the corporate media. Just yesterday, for example, our very own Jon Tester got a well-placed quote in this piece by the Washinton Post (h/t Matthew Koehler):

“It’s the democratic process,” said Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) of Sanders’s plans to stump in Montana ahead of its June 7 primary. “He’s got every right to do that, but it’s already over with, and it would definitely be over with by then.”

Hear that Montana Bernie supporters? It’s already over with. And really you should thank Tester for taking a break from his corporate fundraising to explain the reality of the situation: Bernie’s toast.

The political manipulation we’ve been seeing with media coverage has been fascinating. From big platforms to local blogs, the cold shoulder persists as partisans gird their loins and hold their noses in preparation to accept Hillary.

Brian Maier and the rest of Bernie’s Montana supporters should take note. Thousands show up in Missoula two days ago and so far nothing from the “progressive” writers at Intelligent Discontent. This scant post has been up since May 9th at Moogirl, and there are still zero comments. And now the folksy farmer Montana Democrats were so elated to elect ten years ago is trying to further deflate the populist momentum threatening the DNC’s Queen Bee.

Do liberals realize their ideology is facing an existential crisis? Some do, like Thomas Frank, but his words and the words of plenty other astute critics don’t seem to be having the intended impact.

Liberalism is absolutely facing an existential crisis, and with every new indication of corruption and manipulation–like the growing Facebook scandal–the extreme right will get stronger and stronger, especially after an entire generation of politically awakening young people experience the disillusionment of a political revolution destroyed by the very people who claim to be representing their interests in DC.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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17 Responses to “It’s already over with” -Jon Tester

  1. Greg Strandberg says:

    Jon Tester has raised $1.6 million this year for his 2018 reelection efforts.

    Meanwhile veterans, the group that Tester often pretends he’s helping, continue to kill themselves at a rate of 22 per day. So far that’s 2,900 veteran suicides this year.

    I think we know what’s important to Jon Tester – corporate money so he can stay in power.

    Your family doesn’t factor into it.

    • Rob Kailey says:

      That is easily one of the worst ‘correlation = causation’ arguments I think I’ve ever read. Who’s salad are you tossing here, Greg?

      • Greg Strandberg says:

        Sorry you don’t like it. Isn’t there a football game on, rugby perhaps?

        Why not leave this stuff to those of us that have shown theycare.

      • I suggest, Mr. Kailey, that you not assume I disappeared. You are not free to dispense your densely worded chicken soup even as I am not to comment here. You are a fake. Wherever you go, I follow closely behind.

        • Rob Kailey says:

          Is that an admission of cyber-stalking, Conspiro?

        • If such a thing existed. What I do is otherwise known as “reading,” and blog comments are part of it, in your case, all of it.

          By the way, speaking of reading, your April 4 post, so self-reverential, was done much better by John Denver, who used it as his lead in to “this old guitar,” the close to his stage act. His story like yours, was just show business, though he got paid. But I found myself hoping that this is your close too! Are you done now? Are ya?

          Good grief. Is anything about you real?

        • Rob Kailey says:

          Tell you what, Conspiro, you keep reading and I’ll keep living and we’ll let everyone else decide our dick-size after we die. And you are confused again. You’re the one who said he was quitting blogging and couldn’t shut up for even a week, not me.

  2. Big Swede says:

    Someone needs to ask Tester what’s so democratic about super delegates?

  3. steve kelly says:

    Welcome to the age of authoritarian democracy.

  4. larry kurtz says:

    Tester is right and so is Tokarski: Sanders is in the primary for Clinton cover. I’ve already called the primaries in South Dakota and Montana for Sanders, he might even win in New Mexico; but California will be Bernie’s undoing. You guys need to learn politics better.

  5. larry kurtz says:

    Do you clowns want to give Sanders the influence he craves? If Democrats retake the Senate Bernie will become Chairman of the powerful Budget Committee. Work harder, you miserable cur.

    • Greg Strandberg says:


    • JC says:

      With Hillary on the general ticket, the senate will be lost from democrats for another generation. She will assure that all the down ballot races go against dems galore.

      Then again, what do I know? You get 2445 votes to my 10. You’re just another wasichu thinking their property, wealth and irrigation district macho makes them more worthy than the “others”.

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