Bernie Visits Montana, FBI Visits with Hillary and Aliens Visit Earth

by William Skink

Yesterday news broke that Bernie Sanders will be coming to Montana on Wednesday as he continues to frustrate Hillary’s efforts to ascend to the Democrat throne. Dissent is even bubbling up at the Dem mouthpiece blog with this note from Bill LaCroix to Montana Democrats:

Rudely dismissing a whole generation of young people so desperately needed for so very long in every fight Democrats claim as theirs is inexplicably self-destructive. For one thing, once they’re dismissed as starry-eyed, unrealistic Trumpians of the Left, you can bet they’ll disappear, and you can talk until you’re blue in the face about how they should show up and vote for Hillary anyway, but you know a lot of them won’t, and for good reason. Worse, they won’t show up to vote for the other progressive politicians on the ticket needed to really change the chemistry in Congress and the state legislatures, the ones who’ll do the heavy lifting of taking on Wall Street, the war machine, college debt, grade-school funding, the heath care crisis. It won’t matter then, whether their Chosen One gets coronated or not. We’ll be in same politically-dysfunctional mess we’re in now for another four, or eight more years.

Worst of all in the opinion of a progressive who’s been active in one of our small, rural towns for many years: the saddest effect of condescendingly dismissing smart young people whose political dander is finally up is that when we take stock of our tiny local progressive “activist” lists in a few years, the average age will 70.

Bill is absolutely correct, but will Dems in this state listen? Having been on the receiving end of the condescending dismissal tactics of Montana Democrats, I’m inclined to think no, but I could be wrong.

Marginalizing the youth vote is just one of the problems Democrats are facing in this election cycle. Another problem is their preferred candidate increasingly appears to have committed multiple crimes by mishandling classified information.

Those who would immediately dismiss Hillary’s email scandal as a political witch hunt should take a long look at Paul Thompson’s website. Thompson isn’t some rightwing partisan out to get Hillary. In his explanation of why he compiled this information he even admits to initially dismissing the scandal himself before examining the details and realizing there’s already evidence of criminal obstruction (destroying evidence) and perjury, for starters. Here is Thompson describing why he created the website:

I’m a political liberal, and up until a few months ago, I would have gladly supported Hillary Clinton. I didn’t pay much attention to Clinton’s email scandal, and what I heard about it made me suspect that it was another Republican-led scandal that never amounted to much. However, I eventually heard enough concerning news stories about it to make me want to take a closer look. The more I learned, the more shocked and convinced I became that this was a very real and very serious scandal.

Clinton is reportedly getting close to being interviewed directly by the FBI. Yesterday, though, she told the NYT that no one has reached out yet:

Hillary Clinton said Sunday that the F.B.I. had not asked to interview her as part of its inquiry into her use of a personal email server as secretary of state. But Mrs. Clinton reiterated on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that she would make herself available to law enforcement officials as necessary.

The investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s email practices and her handling of classified intelligence has shadowed her presidential campaign, and CNN reported last week that she was likely to be interviewed soon by the F.B.I.

Mrs. Clinton said on Sunday that no meeting had been requested or scheduled. “No one has reached out to me yet,” she said, adding, “I made it clear that I’m more than ready to talk to anybody, anytime, and I’ve encouraged all of my assistants to be very forthcoming.”

What Hillary needs right now is a big distraction, like a terrorist attack…or alien disclosure? Yes, apparently the frontman for the pop music group, Blink 182, is working with government officials and politicians, like John Podesta, on allowing full disclosure regarding aliens and their technology. Is this their way of trying to get the youth vote? From the link:

DeLonge has staked his professional reputation and career in coming forward to reveal his participation in the officially backed UFO disclosure initiative. So far, he has said he can’t name the officials, even though it has emerged that John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager was interviewed for a follow-up video, which will be released as part of his UFO disclosure initiative.

Podesta has held very senior positions with the Democratic Party, including Chief of Staff for the Clinton White House. Podesta is on the record with multiple attempts made during the Obama, Bush and Clinton administrations to promote UFO disclosure.

However, Podesta is notoriously out of reach to most UFO researchers who have repeatedly tried to interview him over the years, aside from a select few who have the necessary gravitas meriting his cooperation. Now DeLonge has been added to that select list, making plausible his key claim of having received official blessing for UFO “full disclosure”.

It is therefore significant that at the same time that DeLonge has come forward with his claims, Hillary Clinton has publicly stated that she will look seriously into the UFO issue, and that in doing so she is fulfilling a pledge made to Podesta.

Clinton and Podesta’s efforts in promoting UFO disclosure go back to the first Clinton administration (1993-2001), suggesting that DeLonge’s efforts, if successful, will make Clinton and Podesta heroes in the eyes of the youth. That will certainly help her Presidential campaign, which, to date, has not inspired the youth vote.

Hear that kids? Forget that Hillary Clinton is a proven liar who may have criminally mishandled classified information and vote for her…because aliens.

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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  1. Greg Strandberg says:

    The real problem for us is Nancy Keenan and the other Democratic super delegates.

    Those people do not care about anyone but themselves and they will ruin Montana. They’ve already made it quite clear they’ll whore themselves out to Hillary for the measly sum of $64,100.

    We have to get rid of these people.

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