Archons up above in
the treason of the sky
supermen dream saturn dreams
forgetting how to die
their dreams become a net
the net becomes a field
towers hold it up so
the darker forces yield

O Alexander Luthor
stay upon the screen
the audience calls “movie”
watching but unseen
names are interchangeable
mutants walk the earth
pyramids stay quiet
to speak now is to curse


About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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4 Responses to Supermen

  1. Greg Strandberg says:

    The Defense Department is asking Congress for $5.3 billion to fund our new war in Syria and Iraq.

    I hope you can find time to write about this, and perhaps what else we could be using that money for.

    • I have a backlog of posts I’ve wanted to write, but for days now I haven’t been able to access this blog on my computer–not because of a conspiracy, but because I’m in “data restriction” from my internet provider. the stuff I’ve put up has been from my phone.

      • Greg Strandberg says:

        I’ve been having a helluva time with Weebly for the past month. I typically use Google Chrome and it suddenly started crashing on me when I went into the editor to make a new post.

        Crash after crash after crash with that damn “aw, Snap!” message from Google. I emailed Weebly and they say they have no idea, but I’ve heard that from them before.

        Huge pain but what can you do? Thankfully it doesn’t wipe out my post when I copy/paste the text to it, but I have to go through about 5 crash messages before it’ll work and I can publish properly (mainly to get my ads working right). Reminds me of blowing into the bottom of a Nintendo game until it worked. Huge pain.

  2. steve kelly says:

    Digital dada…. you’re never alone in cyberspace.

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