Tomorrow has Arrived


“What will happen tomorrow?”

“Should not someone, somewhere in an authoritative position in our government, on a continuing basis, be counting the immediate costs of disappointments, . . . calculating the impacts on our international position, and keeping in mind the long range wisdom of activities which have entailed our virtual abandonment of the international “golden rule,” and which, if successful to the degree claimed for them, are responsible in a great measure for stirring up the turmoil and raising the doubts about us that exist in many countries of the world today? What of the effects on our present alliances? What will happen tomorrow?”

Well, tomorrow is here, and what we see in Syria and the Middle East — and the refugee crisis with its effects abroad (and here in Montana) — is a result of almost a century of U.S. covert foreign policy. The above quote is from the 1956 “Bruce-Lovett” report on the CIA, a report that is still classified and hidden away from the public, though some snippets have escaped as a result of other reports. The above quote was snipped from a piece on the meta surrounding the report.

The Bruce-Lovett report reminds us, once again, that our chickens (foreign and covert policies) will always come home to roost… even 50-75 years later. Today’s refugee problem is nothing more than a reminder that an unchallenged foreign/covert policy — either unchallenged by the press or by the people during elections — will have unforeseen consequences that will be passed off by short-sighted individuals as a result of events concocted (e.g. Assad’s “chemical weapons attack”) to conceal the real roots of chaos.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. published an interesting piece at Politico a few days ago, referencing some of these themes:

“The so called “Bruce-Lovett Report,” to which he [Joseph P. Kennedy] was a signatory, described CIA coup plots in Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Egypt, all common knowledge on the Arab street, but virtually unknown to the American people who believed, at face value, their government’s denials. The report blamed the CIA for the rampant anti-Americanism that was then [ca. 1956] mysteriously taking root “in the many countries in the world today.” The Bruce-Lovett Report pointed out that such interventions were antithetical to American values and had compromised America’s international leadership and moral authority without the knowledge of the American people. The report also said that the CIA never considered how we would treat such interventions if some foreign government were to engineer them in our country.”

60 years later, the words of the Bruce-Lovett report still ring true. What this tells me is that any presidential election campaign that doesn’t directly challenge American foreign/covert policy will be doomed to continue and/or repeat the mistakes of the past. JFK paid for this with his life, when he challenged Allen Dulles (and fired him) for his failed shadow foreign/covert policies, particularly the failed Bay of Pigs operation that was intended to draw JFK into war with Cuba, and potentially by alliance, with the USSR.

So, again, what led me off on this tangent today (besides Skinks’s piece here), started with a piece at the Saker’s:

“It is time for Americans to turn America away from this new imperialism and back to the path of idealism and democracy. We should let the Arabs govern Arabia and turn our energies to the great endeavor of nation building at home. We need to begin this process, not by invading Syria, but by ending the ruinous addiction to oil that has warped U.S. foreign policy for half a century.””

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9 Responses to Tomorrow has Arrived

  1. Big Swede says:

    Rounding up the “usual subjects”, imperialists/CIA/Oil, and then throw some JFK in for measure.

    The difference between us and Europe is the fact you can boat or walk into those countries. Obama wants to spend $55B in resettlement costs not including the strain on housing, food stamps, and new I phone 6’s.

    I agree with Sen. Sessons, not one dime. They can come here the old fashion way, pulled across the Rio Grande behind a jet ski.

    • I think you fail to address the cause for such a large number of refugees, but I do agree they should be turned away. Something is up, some odd policy where the powers in Washington are forcing refugees on us. The humanitarian solution would be to stop causing the problem in the first place. If they cause the problem by backing the terrorist assault on Syria and then propose this solution, it can only be for malicious reasons.

      Russia is doing a good job bring the terrorist forces in Syria under control. You should follow that news on non-American sources like Sputnik International or The Saker. What we get here is not just shaded news, but 100% lies.

      • Big Swede says:

        You of all people should be suspicious. Open borders, targeted visas, non-enforcement, non-deportations all add up to changing the culture.

        Haven’t read Allinsky? Shame on you.

      • You know, I started to read Alinski one time and foudn him kind of boring. Tossed the book. And I am suspicious and agree with you we should turn them away.

    • JC says:

      How’d your ancestors sneak into the U.S., Swede? And why did they do so? And whose land did your ranch belong to before it was stolen homesteaded? Do you really not believe that U.S. foreign/covert policy in the mideast (not to mention the Iraq/Afghanistan invasions) has anything to do with the current refugee crisis?

      • Big Swede says:

        My great grandparents paid their own passage and homesteaded (greatly improving raw land). New took anything from the govt. that wasn’t repaid numerous over in taxes.

        As far as my home place is concerned it was stolen several times before me.

  2. Big Swede says:

    Sabre rattling. Cool.

  3. The idea that “Americans” have anything to do with what we call American foreign policy is an illusion that serves to keep our heads steeped in electoral politics, as if we had any control over these matters. The idea that this country was ever idealistic or interested in representative rule anywhere is equally ludicrous. There are games being played at very high levels, with false leaders and fake news, and I wish I understood them. I only know what cannot be true, but not what is.

    Edward Snowden is fake, for instance. Why are the Russians harboring him and promoting the illusion that he is real? What gives? If Russia and the US are enemies, Russia would jump on the chance to expose Snowden as a fake. But they cooperate.

    This I know: French leaders were backing off from the demonization of Russia, and were right away hit with the false flag Paris attacks. That means that the focus of energy is from a variety of sources, what we call the “US” but one of many power centers who are involved in the wars and intrigue. Time to stop thinking about countries. That attacked appeared to come from NATO, which is a power unto itself, unattached to countries, probably run by oligarchs.

    • JC says:

      There’s a reason I used the word “covert”. You may want to reread what I said. And “past is prologue,” meaning there are 300 million of us, and only a handful of “them”. As with the dark ages, “pitchforks” can be quite the equalizer. But one needs to study history from all angles in order to know where to start.

      Or does Miles have all the answers to how we get out of this mess?

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