From Dildos to Lethal Force in Oregon

by William Skink

Today must be a wonderful day for all those demanding government action in Oregon. Seven domestic militants have been arrested and one person–LaVoy Finicum–has allegedly been shot and killed by law enforcement. Yeah, take that crazy militia people!

Reasonable Americans were growing weary of relying on the internet’s dildo offensive to dislodge this armed takeover of a bird shack. Though a brilliant attempt to emasculate silly men with guns that would make this blogger proud, the onslaught of schlong didn’t have the desired impact, and the standoff continued.

Today, despite the arrests and use of lethal force by law enforcement (reports still sketchy how it started) the standoff continues.

To help our benevolent government win this fight, now is the time for culture warriors to escalate the cultural shaming campaign. Since the Bundy clan gets welfare (subsidies) from the Federal government, I envision the next stage should include an overweight black woman with 10 kids smoking a cigarette and driving a Cadillac.

This situation will probably get mopped up now, just like the tens of thousands of people who signed the online petition wanted.

To those who wanted to see the government acting earlier, one must consider that our government acts in unseen ways all the time through the many nodes of the surveillance state. Have more faith, appealers to government intervention. I’m sure the wildlife refuge was quite the honeypot for gathering intel.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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12 Responses to From Dildos to Lethal Force in Oregon

  1. Big Swede says:

    I was wondering if they’ve burned downed the visitors center yet?

    I guess not.

  2. Big Swede says:

    Jazz Shaw’s take.

    “In the end, I suppose that this situation had to come to come a crescendo in fairly short order and it probably couldn’t have ended any other way. Bundy’s crew clearly was prepared to settle in for the long haul and the federal government couldn’t simply allow a group of armed individuals to take over a piece of government property uncontested. Most of the protesters clearly wanted to make a statement and draw attention to the issues under discussion, but they weren’t looking for an actual war.

    Assuming everyone else is removed and/or arrested from the wildlife refuge, we’ll be down to the what have we learned stage of this play. Bundy and his followers have drawn attention to the massive amount of land controlled by the federal government and some of the more absurd rules they enforce in wilderness areas. They’ve also garnered national attention for a sustained period and likely started a long overdue conversation about the entire federal vs state balancing act in our nation’s government. But there will doubtless be trials to come and people heading to prison because, again, Uncle Sam can’t afford the sort of black eye that would result in simply letting them get away with it.

    In other words, the main tent may be coming down, but this circus is really just getting started.”

    • I predicted in the 1990’s that we would someday be fighting you guys for the very existence of wilderness and National parks, you and your demented free market balderdash.

      • Big Swede says:

        You misinformed if you think that public lands are only for hiking pleasure.

        “Just like the Bundy experience, which was all related to a corrupt deal by Harry Reid to enrich the Chinese communists and his own son with the Bundy land, this is related to land, how valuable it is, and the value of its minerals. If you think that this land is for you, if you think that you can just do anything you wish with government owned land, if you like to sing “this land is your land, this land is my land, from …,” then you’re a moron and you belong at a Bernie Sanders rally. No one except other rubes believes that anything about federal lands is yours. Federal land is capital. It is power. It is largesse. It allows gifts to those in power. It catalyzes corruption. It is quid pro quo, the stuff of powerful men and women who want to rule the world, the currency of graft.”-Herschel Smith

      • There’s an answer to a question not asked. Public land is truly multi-use, from grazing and logging to mineral development (except on Wilderness) to a refuge for wildlife. It serves as watershed and is a storage bin for future generations. And yeah, people camp and hike on it too.

        The objective of the perverted “libertarian” philosophy is fascism. Where once it was a noble cause, saying all enjoyed basic freedom (even serfs and workers) it is now used to justify powerful people exploiting weak people, loot the public treasury, and steal the commons. That you are part of this and don’t know it, in fact think your efforts noble, is a delusional way of thinking.

        I see how you bask in the glow of your own self-admiration, thinking you espouse a noble ideal. You’re a fool beyond words.

        • Big Swede says:

          I love to have a conversation about you without the insults. I’ll risk one response.

          California would be a prime example of governmental overreach under the guise of species protection and extreme limitations placed on public lands. And the result of these limits? Loss of the middle class, just the opposite of what the uneducated proponents want.

          “I recently took a few road trips longitudinally and latitudinally across California. The state bears little to no resemblance to what I was born into. In a word, it is now a medieval place of lords and peasants—and few in between. Or rather, as I gazed out on the California Aqueduct, the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Luis Reservoir, I realized we are like the hapless, squatter Greeks of the Dark Ages, who could not figure out who those mythical Mycenaean lords were that built huge projects still standing in their midst, long after Lord Ajax and King Odysseus disappeared into exaggeration and myth. Henry Huntington built the entire Big Creek Hydroelectric Project in the time it took our generation to go to three hearings on a proposed dam.

          For all practical purposes, there are no more viable 40-acre to 150-acre family farms. You can sense their absence in a variety of subtle ways. Tractors are much bigger, because smaller plots are now combined into latifundia, and rows of trees and vines become longer. Rural houses are now homes to farm managers and renters, not farms families. One never sees families pruning or tying vines together as was common in the 1960s. I haven’t seen an owner of a farm on a tractor in over a decade.”-Victor David Hansen.

        • These are not “insults,” Swede, but expressions of frustration at your unreachable state of mind. There is no point in debating you because you won’t read anything and you won’t set yourself free of the ‘truths’ that you settled on fifty years ago.

          If I wanted to insult you purely for sake of insult, I could do that too. But you’re a nice fella otherwise. That would not be nice.

        • Big Swede says:

          I don’t read anything? I just read and quoted two different articles.

          I like to define “unreachable”. Seems to me that would include referencing no others. Believing, staunchly in conspiracy theories. Ignoring facts like the disappearance of pilots and passengers. Ignoring the marksman’s ability of JFK’s assassin Oswald.

          Those appear more rigid.

        • Not gonna do it, Swede. Not going to argue with you.

  3. Big Swede says:

    Mark’s “free market balderdash (50’s term?)”.

    • I read Freedman’s book in the 70’s, I think, and it made great sense to me then.

      Friedman, like Rand, is something that young minds like, as it sounds so simple and understandable, but then outgrow. He’s espousing a road to fascism. The whole of Austrian/Chicago School econ is disguised fascism, which is why oligarchs like it and finance it.

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