Furthering the Deep State


(This originally started off as just a comment to Skink’s last post, but in my usual rambling way progressed way beyond comment material, so I thought I’d just pot it up here, as it goes way off his topic.)

I think that most people in this country are unwilling to make the connection between our foreign policy and the refugee crisis. I come to that conclusion through observation far and wide, and through conversations locally and through social media. And it is exceedingly difficult to get people to look beyond the domestic propaganda mill and look at the evidence in a more objective fashion — leading a horse to water and all…

Given that these people believe that the refugee problem is a foreign and organic problem — that is to say, something that has happened “over there” — it makes sense to want to be supportive of refugees. Now, I’m a feeling person, and have as much empathy for refugees as I do, say the homeless on the streets here in Montana. Both groups equally a victim of the powers that be. And equally deserving of our help. 

So the issue for me, that Skink’s post brings up, is just what is going on here at home? Who benefits when a refugee crisis spills over politically, domestically? In other words, to what use is a domestic political battle over refugees? Why have our domestic conversations, blog battles, and social media revolved around the simple element of either you’re with the refugees, or you’re against them — and we all have to state our preference in some sort of moral litmus test –right and left. Take sides, so to say (pure Bushism at work here).

Obviously it becomes a new wedge issue for the upcoming elections. It serves to divide bleeding heart liberals who don’t challenge the status quo from those of us with more radical views, but that is collateral damage. Dems will lose a lot of votes when people like Skink and I refuse to vote for democrats who do not take a hard line stance against our current foreign policy. For many of us, that is the predominant issue driving so much of the other critical issues — energy policy and climate change, and domestic budget issues (reduce military budget to focus on domestic priorities) i.e.

What it really does is to continue to feed the hype about fear — that the scenes portrayed in Paris (whether true or faked) will come home to America. Even though there is far more domestic violence here than what occurs in Paris and Europe. And this encourages the populace to acquiesce to a continued state of reduced liberty and increased surveillance. Snowden has been scapegoated as being the cause of the Paris event. And it works to the detriment of the EU, as border and transit arrangements are restricted — it breeds nationalism. And who benefits from nationalism in Europe? Same as it ever was — the military-industrial-cabal.

And when the populace is held in a place of fear and political disarray, then much can occur unnoticed and unchallenged — like the Saudi Arms sales, which are basically just a pass-through conduit for arming our terrorist proxies in Syria, Egypt, and Iraq, and to assist the Saudis’ repression in Yemen. Like the U.S. and NATO countries trying to take the lead away from Russia and Iraq in fighting terrorism. Like how Ukraine has become a new weapons conduit to the middle east, as the coup there installed elements amenable to creating another CIA/private business/government cabal. This isn’t conspiracy, the elements are all documented and in place — Biden, Archer, Kappes, Kolomoisky all form the basic elements utilizing Burisma and other faux corporations to extract intelligence and funnel deep state manipulations, strategy, manpower and materials into east europe, the middle east, and northern africa.

It is so weird — once you’ve examined the channeling of funds, weapons and intelligence from the U.S. to middle east terrorist groups — to see the same characters talk about fighting those same elements. It is so obviously corrupt and evil. And to the degree that people at home don’t take the effort to discover that and acknowledge it in domestic battles (like refugees and arms sales), that’s the depth of pliability of those people when serving to further the deep state.

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8 Responses to Furthering the Deep State

  1. Big Swede says:

    ISIS uses a majority of Russian weapons. Are they evil and corrupt too?


    • JC says:

      Doesn’t surprise me that ISIS has a lot of Russian weapons. They have taken a whole lot of Syrian territory, and accumulated Syrian military equipment along the way. And Russia has been Syria’s military ally, and has sold them plenty of equipment, which undoubtedly ended up in ISIS’ hands.

      Russia evil and corrupt? Well, they are plenty corrupt, without a doubt. But is Russia evil? Compared to what? The U.S? Not even close.

    • Swede that is typical of you… Say that there are a dozen apples of information scattered about, one of them a golden and meant to be found by guys like you, you’re going to find that apple and miss the other eleven.

  2. Eric says:

    Do you guys remember when President Clinton bombed an aspirin factory in Iraq, just to distract everybody from his Lewinsky testimony ?

    This refugee ‘crisis’ is just another wag the dog as far as I’m concerned.

    Nobody is discussing, or supposed to discuss the total fail of this administrations foreign policies. And it’s working.

    • JC says:

      You do realize that “this administrations foreign policies” really don’t belong to this administration, don’t you? The administration is just a lackey carrying out its orders. Just like Bush before Obama, and Clinton before him…

      And we are discussing it here, and others in lots of places. You just have to pay attention, and dig deep.

      • Bob Williams says:

        Since it’s info war most everywhere, people have to look deeper than mediated views of news.http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-11-21/barrel-bombs-and-bullshit-tangled-threads-washington-lies-about-syria-and-russia
        The neocons are unreported and still prevail. imo they are the driver of this decade+. Public opinion is not in the back seat, but the trunk. Remember how much USA sympathy there was for a million people grossly abused by the USA war, regime change, Paul Bremer’s deconstructed rule book, relocation of Bath Party Sunni’s, the vacuum that drew in Iran, et al.

        Still in the trunk. Other night multitudes viewed Hardball doing cameo video of Republican candidates for our Presidency to work with our House, declaring what they would do in the Middle East. A few in the USA got out of the trunk, changed channels and watched and listened as Amy Goodman and guest presented on the ground critical information from the Middle East, and Africa.

        We still in the trunk, unless we crawl forward through upholstery, in to the back seat. Holes in the springy cushions built by propaganda machines. Access holes put in by many! Take your pick. The Intercept. FSTV. Rolling Stone. et al.

        And when in the back seat, we sometimes go to Reptile Dysfunction, for a view
        of what the driver is doing.

        And indeed somtimes we get a view of what the driver wants to do, and is doing.

        Yet oftentimes come messages mixed up with personal animosity that has to be here expressed, documented, recorded.

        And nowtimes come animosities in culminating expressions!

        But there stands Pete Talbot, saying he did the ban.
        Why of course he did!
        That was likely long before now, imo only.

    • My reading of the Lewsinsky “crisis” is that it was generated by CIA to hold Clinton accountable. They wanted him to bomb Serbia to separate Kosovo so they could install a military base there to protect a gas pipeline from the Caucuses, Camp Bondsteel, and he balked. Since all presidents since Johnson have been wiretapped and spied in by CIA, It was easy to catch him en flagrante dekicto and thy used that minor and coming mon incident that all presidents do (it is a lonely office) to leverage it into a crisis using their moles in the media, forcing him near impeachment. Clinton capitulated, turned on a dime and became and advocate for social security (he was all set to privatize it) and unleshed the beasts of was in an innocent population, and impeachment proceeding went away. CIA control of congress. Has since post watergate.

      As Clinton said, “there is a government with the government, and I do not control it.”

      The pill factory was deliberate provocation calculated to inflict as much suffering on poor Africans as possible. It had nothing to do with Monica.,

  3. steve kelly says:

    I don’t think most people can handle the truth about perpetual war, and our role in it. Propaganda keeps the level of fear so close to most people’s limit, there is no room for more fear without realizing some major shift in a person’s thinking and psyche. Too scary for most. If given the choice between taking LSD for the first time and confronting their fear, most, I believe, would take the acid. Can’t blame them, it’s a temperament-level decision, not one that can be reasoned without major disruption/discomfort. And, we’re all about comfort and convenience. The truth will have to wait, and wait until the boogey-man leaves the space under the bed. My .02.

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