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What Happens when a Syrian Émigré Hooks Up with an American Woman?

By JC You get the founder of America’s and the world’s most valuable company.

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Does Islam Promote Violence? Stupid Answer Gets a Thoughtful Response

By JC I attempted to add the following comment at Intelligent Discontent on Don Pogreba’s post “Does Islam Promote Violence? Stupid Question Gets a Smart Answer.” As usual, my comments get moderated and never post. Pogreba’s post consists of nothing more than … Continue reading

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Jonathan Hutson is a Part of the Problem, Not the Solution

byWilliam Skink James Conner isn’t making himself any new friends with his coverage of the David Lenio spectacle, and that’s because he’s made the prescient assertion that this case is being groomed for the national spotlight. To counter this assertion, … Continue reading

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