Why Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Want to Talk about Foreign Policy

by William Skink

An aide from the Bernie Sanders campaign reportedly threw a tantrum over a CBS decision to reorder questions in tonight’s debate in light of last night’s carnage in Paris. From the link:

A top aide to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), one of the three candidates, got into a lengthy dispute with executives from CBS, the network hosting the debate, during a conference call on Saturday morning. A staffer for one of the other campaigns who was also on the call described the exchange to Yahoo News as “heated” and even “bizarre,” and a second source on the call confirmed the nature of the exchange.

The dispute centered on CBS’ decision to increase the emphasis on terrorism, foreign policy, and national security in the wake of the attacks that left over 100 people dead in Paris, France on Friday night. According to the rival staffer, Sanders strategist Mark Longabaugh lit into CBS Vice President and Washington Bureau Chief Christopher Isham when the changes to the debate were detailed on the call.

“It was a little bit of a bizarre scene. The Sanders representative, you know, really laid into CBS and basically … kind of threw like a little bit of a fit and said, ‘You are trying to turn this into a foreign policy debate. That’s not what any of us agreed to. How can you change the terms of the debate, you know, on the day of the debate. That’s not right,’” the staffer recounted.

It’s no surprise that Bernie Sanders is reluctant to talk about his foreign policy ideas because those ideas are fucking stupid and dangerous and will lead to more violence. I’m of course talking about Sanders stating that Saudi Arabia should intervene more in the Middle East. From the link:

In discussing ISIS, Sanders invariably has talked about Saudi Arabia as the solution rather than a large part of the problem. It’s couched in language that seems somewhat critical, but the upshot is we need more Saudi influence and intervention in the region. In effect, more and bigger proxy wars, which have already taken the lives of hundreds of thousands in Syria and could even further rip apart Iraq, Libya and other countries.

He’s said this repeatedly—and prominently. In February with Wolf Blitzer on CNN: “This war is a battle for the soul of Islam and it’s going to have to be the Muslim countries who are stepping up. These are billionaire families all over that region. They’ve got to get their hands dirty. They’ve got to get their troops on the ground. They’ve got to win that war with our support. We cannot be leading the effort.”

If there is a battle for the soul of Islam, Bernie is throwing in with the billionaire bankrollers of terrorism. Yeah, no wonder he doesn’t want to talk about his foreign policy.

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6 Responses to Why Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Want to Talk about Foreign Policy

  1. Eric says:

    I can’t prove it, but IMO the Saudi’s don’t consider the US their friends, but that we are their customers.

  2. djinn&tonic says:

    “Domestic Propaganda and the News Media” Timeline – HC

  3. Oh liz, why do you hold Bernie to a higher standard than you hold every one else? Liberals in Montana only get one vote for the president, and it occurs on the date of the Democratic Primary election.

    Are you suggesting that Hillary or the pretty robot would be better choices for those of us who value human rights and human dignity?

    • I had to free your comment from the spam filter.

      if you value human right and human dignity, then at least be honest that Bernie’s foreign police will respect neither.

  4. steve kelly says:

    A continuation of events surrounding WWI. Syria is a product to Sykes-Picot Agreement. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/History/sykes_pico.html

    Media, media, media.


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