Some Housekeeping

by William Skink

I added two blogs to the blogroll, Big Sky Words and A Chicken is Not a Pillage. I hadn’t included Rob’s blog mostly because it wasn’t updated all that frequently, but it seems Rob is back from partial hiatus, so I know I’ll be checking in more frequently, especially since he’s run afoul of the most bizarrely inept moderating I’ve ever seen at Cowgirl. “MT Temperance” is offering a great example for anyone who wants to see the opposite of how comments should be moderated. Truly fascinating.

There’s no formal comment policy here other than a carry-over from 4&20; contributors (JC and I) are free to moderate their comment threads as they see fit. Some things that will get my attention: calls to commit acts of violence, gratuitous personal attacks, and anything that I feel compromises my personal safety. Craig, I do appreciate your perspective and want you to comment here, but please respect the line I feel you crossed at 4&20. I’ll leave it at that.

I was hesitant to add Big Sky Words because in a lot of ways I find Greg Strandberg to be incredibly obnoxious. To say he came in like a blowhard is an understatement. I rarely find a Missoulian article he hasn’t commented on, his Twitter blasts are tantamount to spam, he criticizes (without trying to understand) anything that doesn’t directly benefit him, but he appealed to my ego and my guilt by claiming I was a tier above him in the Montana blogosphere hierarchy while pointing out the tantrum I threw when getting 4&20 removed from other blogrolls, so what the hell. We’re all kind of sad screamers into impotent microphones anyways, right?

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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12 Responses to Some Housekeeping

  1. Craig Moore says:

    Since you called me out by name, let’s review what happened.

    You went on about conspiracy theories and Agenda 21 in a very lame attempt to stick the knife in me. I returned your thrust with questioning how drug users lie on their federal firearms purchase form. You deleted my reply to your shiv thrust.

    Now you have the gall to act like you were in the right to have deleted my comment and banned me and I should somehow understand how I sinned? As a moderator you are worse than Mt. Temperance.

    • I didn’t say you sinned, I said you crossed a line. I’ve done the same thing other places and have had comments removed, and rightly so. I can do a better job of not personalizing my shiv thrusts toward you if you can meet me in the middle and try not to do the same toward me.

      • Craig Moore says:

        Get something straight. When YOU attack me or someone else, stand tall and take the return fire or be revealed as a coward. Don’t play the moderator card.

        • I’ve taken plenty of return fire from you over the years, Craig. don’t play the victim card. this is all subjective. where you see attack I see snark, where I see a line crossed, you see cowardice. I’m willing to look forward if you are.

        • Craig Moore says:

          IMHO it’s a close race between you and Mt. Temperance as to who is the worse moderator. My money is on you.

        • Steve W says:

          Craig, you have avoided answering the question all this time. Would you treat all conspiracies the same, including the delusional and weird Agenda 21 hokum? Or are some conspiracies exempt?

        • Rob Kailey says:

          I actually have to disagree with you on that one, Craig. Lizard does not trumpet his supreme ‘Authoritay!’ every time he acts as a moderator, nor does, in my experience, have a hair trigger. Lizard and I have had exchanges that were nothing short of brutal on both parts. They are still extant on the Intertubes, though sadly the nastier ones exist at my site. Make of that what you will concerning my skills as a commenter/moderator.

          To those who keep trying to pigeonhole Craig as an Agenda 21 theorist, why is it so damned important to you to place him in a box that *you* can deal with?

  2. Craig Moore says:

    Steve W, are you thick or just very disingenuous? Lizard asked his question at around 8:20pm, and I didn’t see it. Then he went on about Agenda 21 at 11:30pm. I didn’t respond to his pitch in the dirt until 10:30am the next morning. That comment was deleted and I was banned. So to assert I avoided his nonsense is pure crap on your part. Lizard trolled his own post at 4&20 with his nonsense. This would never come up again unless Lizard hadn’t try to play the high road hypocrite with this post and called me out by name.

    • Steve W says:

      So, again, Would you treat all conspiracies the same, including the delusional and weird Agenda 21 hokum? Or are some conspiracies exempt?

      • The very fact that critical inquiry into the activities of powerful people is regarded as “conspiracy theory” is sign of a much deeper malady in our society.

        • Steve W says:

          Well, yes. But aside from that, I’d still like the answer to the question. 🙂

        • Good luck. I am going out to try to convince the squirrels to stay off the bird feeders. I am going to try reasoning with them.

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