A Story Of Going To Hell And Back Written In 60 Days Is Almost Done

by Travis Mateer

The time brackets of the story I’m wrapping up today began on August 4th, which I only recently realized was the same day something very dark happened in Maui.

The ending date, today, is the same day our national warning systems will be tested. Isn’t that adorable? I’ll save you the speculation about what I think it all means. That’s in the story I still have to finish.

In the past 60 days I’ve gone to court, gotten divorced, and spent thousands of dollars traveling thousands of miles going in two crazy loops on two separate coasts of this fucked up country.

I think I have a story or two to tell about what I’ve experienced along the way.

While I try to figure out what to do with this thing I’ve made, a few notes about where Zoom Chron is going: no where immediately, but a transition to something new is rapidly approaching,

Tomorrow I’m going to provide some perspective on Spokane that’s absolutely fascinating, so please stay tuned. I don’t expect the frequency of posting should change at all, but stuff might be shorter as I get to work on something new.

I’ll leave it there, for now. Thank you for reading.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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  1. FYI: These national simulated emergency alert text exercises are conducted every three years. What the timing of the one a few days ago means, is that it had been three years since the last one. Or, according to some dimwits, the test is actually sending instructions to smart phones to begin transmitting on an unusual frequency that will activate a sinister attribute of COVID-19 vaccinations and turn the vaccinees into automatons that will do the bidding of evil Deep State miscreants, on demand.

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