Week In Review: September 11-15

by Travis Mateer

Have you ever heard of Thomas Nast? Neither had I, but after doing some cold-hearted negotiating with a DIFFERENT Thomas, this image from a distant century spoke to me across time. And, also, influenced the next location in my travels.

But first, my bank needs to let MY money flow freely, so that I may take a bite of that rotten, east coast fruit before checking out some important Pennsylvania locations. Ya hear me, Clearwater? Or are you too busy paying the Missoula Current advertising dollars?

I did midwest, southwest, westwest, then northwest with a car. The next phase will take a plane, a camper, and some nerve for an attitude I’m not too keen on, if my limited exposure to east coasters is any indication.

But don’t worry, east coasters, I’m leaving the Zombie Blade I packed on the streets of Portland at home.

Below are the links to the week’s posts. I’ll continue updating, as I’m able, during this next phase. Don’t stop scrolling after the links and customary request for donations because I have a song that will eventually have a video to accompany it at the very bottom. Now, links:

Hey, GUYS And Gals, Won’t You Please Dream A Little Dream With Me? (September 11th, 2023)

Maybe Instead Of Helping Others So Much I Should Focus More On Myself (September 12th, 2023)

Montana’s Criminal Justice System Is An Embarrassment From Top To Bottom (September 13th, 2023)

Provoking Public Anger Then Claiming To Be Victims Of That Anger Is The Real Trend, Gwen (September 14th, 2023)

Creating Unsafe Situation For Those Who Lack Appropriate Housing (September 14th, 2023)

Your Occult Imagery Is Boring, Mural Artists (September 15th, 2023)

And the requests for donations can be made through Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF), or my about page.

Thanks for reading! Now listen to this:

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