Week In Review: July 10-14

by Travis Mateer

book excerpt starts at 28:30

I wasn’t sure what to book to choose this week from my vast library, but finally, on Saturday morning, I decided the most appropriate title to read from would be Leonard Shlain’s fascinating book, The Alphabet Versus The Goddess.

I haven’t read this book in quite some time, but I’m glad I pulled it from the shelf because I think it’s an insightful compliment to some of the posts I’ve written this week, which you can find in the list of links at the bottom of this post.

Before the links, I have to comment on an article that came in after I was done with the weekly writing. I hope my effort to UNDERSTAND the vast divide between the male/female polarities is kept in mind as I carefully articulate my incredible frustration over the FAILED leadership of Emily Armstrong in the position of mouth-piecing and supposedly planning the municipal response to homelessness.

Here’s the maddening admission of helplessness without a fucking plan and you better believe the emphasis is mine:

The Missoula Housing Authority is actively seeking tenants for the Trinity and Villagio affordable housing developments as the pair of complexes that offer rents below market rate get closer to opening.

These openings are some of many solutions the city and its partners are pushing as they strive to address the increasing challenge of homelessness in Missoula. But barriers are challenging the city’s efforts.

We’re operating without a plan right now,” said Houseless Programs Manager Emily Armstrong. “(We are) without a strategy as our 10-year-plan ended.”

Do you ever wonder how some of the administrative people working within local government get dressed in the morning? If you want a mental image (appropriate, considering the book selection for this week) here’s what’s going through my head right now:

If you’ve seen The Lego Movie, you’ll know that Emmet finds gnosis and ascends beyond the need for a sequential plan with the help of a…female Lego character with image problems. Interesting.

Here’s two more interesting synchronicities. In a recent song I used an image for circumcision and an image of a snow globe, and then I found a cool snow globe at the antique mall:

And then I read this hilarious meme in the latest issue of a local zine (growing in infamy) called MT Ultra. If you want to find a copy, you might try the Loose Moose on Higgins.

In the podcast episode, if you want to skip the review of the weekly posts, I’ve started including the time-stamp for when the reading begins as the caption beneath the episode. And if you want to support my efforts, Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF) is one way, and making a donation at my about page is another.

Stay tuned for Monday’s post, it’s going to be an important one! And for the list of THIS week’s posts, here you go:

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The Missoula Current’s “Reporting” On Monday Night’s Urban Camping Debate (July 11th, 2023)

While The Youngsters Signaled Their Virtue Inside, A Woman Flying A Sign Outside City Council Signaled Danger…And She Was Right! (July 12th, 2023)

On Boys Becoming Men And Girls Becoming Women (July 13th, 2023)

On Ensnaring A New Generation With The Matrix (July 14th, 2023)

Thanks for listening/reading!

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  1. Mrs Stitch says:

    Yeah that story reminds me of this one

    Maybe housing itself isn’t the issue? Or people that hard up can’t clear all the bureaucratic hoops for some reason?

    • Thank you for that link, absolutely maddening that the red tape is keeping those apartments empty, but that’s par for the course when dealing with subsidized housing

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