Week In Review: July 3-7

by Travis Mateer

This week featured America’s birthday, but celebrating ANYTHING isn’t a sentiment I’m really into right now, so as official municipal work went on hiatus for the week, I kept my nose to the grindstone to provide cultural context and even an original song!

On Thursday I went to a neighborhood meeting to get zoning reform massaged into my brain, which I may write about more in depth next week. I also listened to this guy start the Department of Revenue TAX SHOCK EXPLANATION TOUR (not its real name).

Taxes and zoning reforms might not be sexy topics to analyze, but they’re local manifestations of a meta-shift being imposed on us by the psychopath class. Property taxes skyrocketing will put people out of homes and into the newly-zoned sardine cans owned by Blackrock, while the quaint freedom private vehicles once provided will be phased out.

Are neighborhoods ready to become little 15 minute cities with all the convenient amenities the psychopath class think us human cattle deserve? If the public knew the true of extent of what has been planned, and is now being rolled out, the answer would be a deafening NO. But many don’t know what’s coming.

Rosa Koire did, and she wrote a book about it called The Green Mask, which I read from for this week’s review.

Here is some context on Koire (emphasis mine):

Yes, though the excerpt I read for this week’s review isn’t long, there were many moments I had to stop to comment and/or guffaw at what I was reading.

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Thanks for listening/reading!

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  1. John Kevin Hunt says:

    Sure, why deal with the real problem — capitalism — when we can have so much fun chasing mysterious boogeymen?

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