AA#4-From West Broadway Island To Silver Park

by Travis Mateer

Date: April 7th, 2023
Time: 11:30-12:30pm; 2:30pm-3:30pm
Location: West Broadway Island 
          plus Silver Park
Business contacts: 1
Government/community contacts: 3
Houseless contact: 0

I recently had the chance to thank Council person, Daniel Carlino, for exhibiting compassion in multiple statements to his colleagues on Council about their fiscal priorities as the closure date for the Johnson Street Shelter officially arrives today, April 10th. I explained to Carlino that long ago I experienced compassion fatigue due to my years working with the kinds of people who stalk ducks and try to harm them with rocks.

Yes, that is what I captured in a brief video clip, which the still image above is taken from. Did this grown man chucking rocks at ducks hit anything? No, but he got close. Really, I should thank this guy, since my filming of his antics from across the river led to a nice conversation with a resident of the area who is tired of this bullshit.

How tired? Chainsaw the vegetation down to keep the riff-raff out kind of tired, especially after “Mr. Coffee” finally got arrested for doing this:

This act of violence occurred in July of 2022, so I can sympathize with this woman’s current frustration, since “Mr. Coffee” is the man she had to contend with camping illegally near her home.

To help further explain citizen frustration in Missoula, here are some pictures I took AFTER homeless service providers recently claimed these illegal camps were mostly clean:

The ASSESS part of the AA reporting phase is going splendidly, but there’s that other “A” to keep in mind, and that’s ADDRESSING some of this garbage.

Well, one of the community contacts in my quantitive data is a phone call to sign up for the Clark Fork Coalition’s river clean-up on Earth Day in order to specifically address the site documented in the last report, which I’ll include a link to below. I also spoke with a contact I have now with Fish Wildlife & Parks about this upcoming clean-up, specifically, and the array of services I have to offer, generally speaking.

Before getting to the video (which has some music by Noise Complaint) I’ll put links to the first three reports below. Thank you to ALL who are supporting Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF) and/or using the donation button at my about page.

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Plus a special report about SB 523 and HB 112

Now, here’s the video report featuring Noise Complaint!

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