Week In Review: March 13-17

by Travis Mateer

Best episode yet? I think it is. And one of the people I’d like to thank for inspiring this episode is award winning gentrifier, Ellen Buchanan!

Did I honor Buchanan’s contributions in this week’s review of local headlines? You bet I did! Because timing is everything–well, ALMOST everything. Money ALSO plays a big part in everything, as this upcoming week shall surely remind us.

Buchanan’s award was given to her by someone from a bank and someone from a construction company. Is that not hilarious? From the link (emphasis mine):

The award, co-presented by Farmers State Bank and Jackson Contractor Group, recognizes a Missoulian who exemplifies the mission of the association through commitment to maintaining a healthy business community and enhancing the quality of life and quality of place for visitors and residents alike.

Buchanan is the Director of the Missoula Redevelopment Agency, where for two decades she has been the behind the scenes leader guiding the creation of Mary Avenue’s extension across the Southgate Mall parking lot, the transformation of a railroad property into the MRL park, and the redevelopment of a shuttered KMART into the South Crossing with restaurants and retail spaces. She helped with the creation of the Missoula Midtown Association as one of the founding volunteers who saw the potential in organizing businesses and residents to have a voice in Missoula’s future.

The emphasis is premium-grade bullshit intended to create the illusion that our local cabal actually desires local input on their great transformative schemes for our valley. If that was true, making public comment at MRA board meetings wouldn’t be so difficult.

Next week it’s going to be interesting to see what wins in the information war’s competition for your attention: bank dominos falling, Hunter’s laptop lawsuit, or the claim of an impending arrest of Donald Trump.

I hope you pay THIS little virtual space some attention next week because I’ll be writing about another big change in leadership that might be announced soon here in Missoula, if the rumor is true, and I have every reason to think it is.

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Thanks for reading/listening!

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1 Response to Week In Review: March 13-17

  1. webdoodle says:

    Trump, and the Deep State he is part of, is trying to engineer his ‘victim’ moment, to rally his remaining extremist supporters. Is it another Night of the Long Knives, like the J6 Insurrection was? Or a weak attempt to draw in more attention? Meanwhile the media completely ignores the Riots in France, or will he claim they are rioting for him. He’s enough of a narcissist, he probably will.

    But Trump is trying to dismantle the Deep State, you say? Well that’s bullshit. The single largest thing he could have done to dismantle the Deep State would have been to Pardon Edward Snowden, or order the DOJ to drop all charges against Julian Assange. Both of whom have actually done enormous damage to the Deep State, not just pay lip service.

    But the media kept attacking him? Yep the CIA, Mockingbird Media, did attack him, because No News is Bad News. The negative attention they put on him may have made some people turn away, but it was like moths to the flame for those who’ve been downtrodden by the U.S. Government for years. They so desperately needed someone who supported them they ignore all the evidence to the contrary.

    But, but, but… Nope, Trump didn’t do anything meaningful to defang or disrupt the Deep State. The only minor things he did was disband JASON (a group of scientific advisors) and later rescinded ex-CIA director John Brennan’s security clearance. That is it. Nothing else…

    On the other hand, what did he do to SUPPORT the Deep State? Well to start with, his first hour after his Presidential Inauguration, he traveled across the Potomac, directly to CIA headquarters, where he THANKED THEM, and told them “nobody—cared about the agency more than he did..”

    His next major move to enhance the Deep State was that he ordered the DHS to compile a list of all journalists, editors, bloggers, social media influencers, and other media creators around the world. He also grew the DHS to double its size before he started. Sounds like a ’round up list’ to me, something every dictator on the planet has done as a first step.

    He also appointed Gina Haspel, a known torturer and former CIA Station chief in London. Not a good person by any means, and clearly in bed with the British Intelligence apparatus, who coincidentally also helped orchestrate his presidential election by funding Cambridge Analytica, a subsidiary of SCL Group, a military contractor company that engineers elections, using PSYOP techniques, around the world to keep British interests on the uppity up. Including the the U.S… Let that sink in.

    Also, instead of pardoning people who would have put a serious dent in the Deep State, he did pardon Nuclear Spy Jonathan Pollard, and his MOSSAD handler Aviem Sella. He also moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Sounds like the Epstein Kompromat Op payed off the Zionists pretty well. Thanks Trump!

    As you can see, he’s just another actor, playing his part for the Deep State. Had he been anything else, he would have been ignored by the media, or if that didn’t work they would have threatened him like they did Martin Luther King Junior, or worst case assassinated him like JFK.

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