Hump Day Bonus Post: The Tyranny Of Privileged White Women Pushing Racist Equity Games

by Travis Mateer

It’s been 8 long years since Caitlin Copple quit her Missoula City Council gig to join Hilltop Solutions, then she left Missoula altogether for the state of Idaho. Copple was the quintessential privileged white woman on City Council, using her platform to try and BAN SITTING on downtown sidewalks after one of her privilege white women friends was chased by a homeless man. When a fellow Missoulian (with a penis) pointed out her privileged skin color, Copple got VERY offended. Here’s a quote from a Missoulian article about the spat:

A perennial political candidate’s insistence on the resignation of Missoula City Councilwoman Caitlin Copple after Copple’s reference to “those of us who don’t have penises” has gone unheeded – so Kandi Matthew-Jenkins has filed a “hate crime and bias” report at City Hall.

“Since Missoula passed the diversity/anti-discrimination code I would think that a city council person would refrain from this kind of statement, considering the implications full of gender bias against men,” wrote Matthew-Jenkins in her complaint.

In a legal opinion, however, the city attorney disagreed the allegations constitute discrimination.

Copple made the remark in question at a meeting where the Missoula City Council discussed ordinance amendments dealing with pedestrian safety in the city center: “When we hear from opponents that we’re just a bunch of privileged white people, those of us who don’t have penises may have a little bit of a different experience.”

Despite abandoning her same-sex sexual orientation, Caitlin Copple is STILL promoting her misandry and racism under the guise of the WOKE realignment people like her are pimping for financial compensation. Before she blocked me on Twitter, I took a screenshot of a reply I made to one of her racist/sexist tweets. Here it is:

I’m not just bringing all this old stuff up to be an asshole. There are actual policy conversations happening in Helena RIGHT NOW that will impact how things like searches for missing persons are conducted, and if the WOKE cult had their unfettered way, I suspect they’d try to institute some kind of social credit system to prioritize limited resources. Think reparations in the form of DE-prioritizing the allocation of resources for missing white women.

You probably think that sounds crazy, but the case of Rebekah Barsotti is what I am specifically thinking about here, since this missing white woman NEVER HAD her domestic abuse history with her husband taken into consideration by local authorities when she went missing in July of 2021.

Here is a screenshot from Rebekah’s Legacy Facebook page to provide some context to the legislative conversation happening in Helena right now:

And here is an excerpt from an article that makes this unnecessarily about race (emphasis mine):

When a loved one goes missing, Native families often get tangled in a web of criminal jurisdictions shared among state, federal and tribal law enforcement entities. Frustrated with law enforcement response and a general lack of media coverage and public outcry, Indigenous families often turn to their communities for immediate assistance in finding loved ones.

Their searches rarely get the attention and public assistance that missing white people receive, to the point sociologists have a special term for the difference. “Missing White Woman Syndrome” refers to the idea that young white women — and especially those who adhere to common beauty standards and who come from wealthy backgrounds — are overrepresented in media coverage, when compared with women of other demographics. A new Columbia Journalism Review tool estimates a 21-year-old missing Native woman in Montana would receive about 35 news stories, where as a missing white woman in her early 20s would receive at least 120 articles.

Righting the wrongs of history shouldn’t entail creating NEW wrongs as some sort of fucked up balancing act, but too often that is what’s happening, especially as privileged white woman obtain and wield more power. I’m thinking of privileged white ladies like Barbara Koostra, who is suing the University while simultaneously wielding LANDLORD POWER to attack an uppity white man who forgot his place in the new normal of Democratic power politics.

If this is how privileged white woman interpret equity, I want no part of it. And neither should you.

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  1. John Kevin Hunt says:

    “woman” = singular

    “women” = plural

  2. Annamie says:

    Bro, you seem like a total peach and must be real fun at parties. I’m dumbfounded as to why she blocked you on twitter. You are unhinged.

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