This Toxic Air Extortion Scheme For Revenue Bond Crack Is A Move Only Shameless Public Money Addicts Would Consider

by Travis Mateer

Have you ever been at a party with a personal supply of cocaine that gets used up by other partygoers at an alarming rate even though you suspect they have their OWN supply? This selfish behavior by fellow users of the white powder can lead a jumpy brain with dwindling supply to get agitated and dangerous. Does this drug analogy apply to the following story from the Missoula Current? I dunno, you tell me. From the link:

Lacking a guarantee from City Council, the Missoula Redevelopment Agency this week tabled a decision on funding a costly ventilation project at a city shop with toxic air without first knowing whether elected officials will approve plans for a larger revenue bond that’s needed to fund vital infrastructure work in the Scott Street district.

Yeah, screw this costly ventilation thing if it means too much TIF loot from this particular urban renewal district has to be used. Doing the heavy lifting to protect Ellen Buchanan’s crack TIF money is Tasha ‘I LIKE TO WIN‘ Jones, someone who didn’t mind raking in public money to obtain Missoula’s water company.

From the first link:

“I’m personally opposed to this at this time,” said MRA board member Tasha Jones. “There’s too many variables, and I’m uncomfortable with bringing our contingency fund down to that level with so much uncertainty around what we can count on for approvals when deciding bond measures for the great needs in this district.”

If MRA funded the air exchange for the city, it would draw its contingency fund in the Scott Street Urban Renewal District down to around $300,000. Infrastructure in the area also is needed as development picks up pace and other projects may emerge, but MRA wouldn’t have the capacity to address them.

While I don’t doubt the numbers, Zoom Chron has come across an EXCLUSIVE IMAGE of a secret vault where Ellen Buchanan takes stock of her reserve funds. HERE IT IS!

On a more serious note, awards were recently bestowed upon local Missoula influencers by the Missoula Downtown Association at their annual banquet. Here is a screenshot of what Ellen Buchanan got honored for:

I can only speculate from afar on the potent combination of MASTER planning, committee work, and BEER that goes into gentrifying this humble valley because non-believers are kept far away from the real sausage making. By the time something makes it before our City Council critters, the decision has already been made.

I look forward to finding creative ways to discover and disrupt the plans of our local elites as they continue to act terminally stricken over the denial of their crisis mill levy. That panic they are feeling is the worry of an addict that intuitively understands the party can’t last forever. Because, no, it can’t.

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  1. TC says:

    For a good illustration of how Missoula’s sausage really gets made, and by whom, one could look at the board members of the Missoula Downtown Partnership (and its various sub-boards). It is quite the cross-pollination (one could even conclude a certain incestuousness).
    Speaking of the annual awards given by this organization, I believe Ms Buchanan is a multi-time winner. That makes sense as she gets to transfer public tax funds directly to her fellow board members. Thats the true Award!

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