Hey Montana Republicans, The Price Of Letting Billionaires Run Rampant In Montana Can’t Be Measured In Dollars!

by Travis Mateer

Eleven years ago the political union of Neil Livingstone and Ryan Zinke was fodder for national media, like Mother Jones. Why? Because, even back then, what Montana Republicans were allowing to seep into their party was almost too absurd to believe.

From the link (emphasis mine):

According to his official campaign bio, Montana Republican gubernatorial candidate Neil Livingstone has, at various points during his illustrious career as a Washington-based security consultant, “dined at gangster clubs in Moscow and in the back rooms of Georgian and Uzbek restaurants with members of the Russian Mafia”; “been stalked by terrorists and Nazis in Argentina”; “been paid in stacks of $100 bills by clients”; and held “a business meeting with a six-and-half foot tall pink-eyed albino dressed in white from head-to-foot in a Miami-area motel with the peculiar distinction of having more ‘floaters’ in its pool than any other hospitality establishment in the U.S.”

But it was the line about spending time aboard a pirate ship filled with hookers during the Monte Carlo Grand Prix that landed him in a spot of political trouble. In March, local blogger Montana Cowgirl got wind of the flooze cruise, and it quickly went national. Livingstone purged the item from his bio and attempted damage control, explaining to an Associated Press reporter that his wife had accompanied him and, anyway, he was on official business. When in Monte Carlo, right?

Out of all the craziness in the two paragraphs above, why did I bold the part about hookers? Well, maybe because Ryan Zinke celebrated his most recent political victory at a restaurant owned by billionaire tech bro, Michael Goguen. You know, the one with the “boom-boom room“.

If Montana Republicans (especially the ones prone to believing Qanon drops) are serious about rising up to protect the vulnerable from societal scourges, like sex trafficking, then they need to start in their own backyards, where the Californians are tech-billionaires like Goguen who compromised the integrity of basically the entire criminal justice system of Whitefish.

I was sent a link to a podcaster by the name of Bobby Capucci while doing research for this post because Michael Goguen came up in his Epstein Chronicles podcast when that New York Post article came out in November of 2021. In that episode Capucci predicts this Goguen story is about to blow up, but it hasn’t yet. Why not?

At the end of that Post article, the now-retired police Chief, Bill Dial, had this to say about the billionaire who embarrassed his department:

“This man has to be stopped,” said Bill Dial. The retired Whitefish police chief sued Goguen in December 2019 for alleged interference in his own investigation. “He’s a billionaire a la Harvey Weinstein and [Jeffrey] Epstein. There’s a lot of people in this community who know what he’s about and they’re afraid of him.”

It’s funny that Dial references Epstein, considering just two years previous to this scandal, Dial was hosting America’s AG, Bill Barr. For those who don’t know the connection, Bill Barr’s dad, Donald Barr, just happened to be the guy who hired Epstein at the prestigious Dalton School in New York City. From the link:

Epstein, who was charged last week by federal authorities in the Southern District of New York with sex trafficking with sex-trafficking and conspiracy to commit sex-trafficking, was a 20 year old college drop-out when he was hired to teach at Dalton—possibly by the school’s headmaster Donald Barr in the mid 1970s. Donald Barr was the father of current United States Attorney General William Barr, who is currently overseeing Epstein’s prosecution.

According to at least one former student, Dalton alums have long joked about a Barr connection to the Epstein hire.

“The joke has been [that] this is the Epstein-Barr problem at Dalton, said Harry Segal, a 1974 graduate who is now a senior lecturer at Cornell University and Weill Cornell Medical College, in an interview with the Huffington Post. Epstein-Barr is a type of herpes virus best known as the cause of infectious mononucleosis.

While Epstein faced charges for SEX trafficking in July of 2019, Bill Barr was more interested in METH trafficking when he visited western Montana just four months later:

Barr attended a roundtable discussion hosted by U.S. Sen. Steve Daines with representatives from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies as well as from the health care community. The hour-long discussion took place at the Flathead County Sheriff’s Posse Center in Evergreen.

During his opening statements, Barr pinned much of the blame for the methamphetamine crisis on Mexico, where local and federal officials say much of the drug is coming from.

“We have to get Mexico to fight these drug cartels … They have totally lost control of their own country,” Barr said. “The head of this snake is outside of the United States and we have to stomp on it.”

In the time since Barr came to Montana, a billionaire from New Jersey became Montana’s Governor and drug-fueled crimes have sky-rocketed. If this is all Mexico’s fault, we don’t have to go to the southern border to find perpetrators. In fact, I’m aware of threats that are MUCH CLOSER to home.

For a state banking on tourism to replace the financial engine of resource-extraction , drug-fueled violence–which INCLUDES sex trafficking–is a serious threat. It’s just that we don’t have serious people in positions of leadership to actually address it.

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