When The “Conspiracy Theorists” Are Right, Twitter Edition

by Travis Mateer

For some reason I feel the need to preface what I’m about to say regarding the value of the Twitter file drops with this: I don’t own a Tesla, I’m not rejoicing at Elon Musk’s latest business venture, and I trust him (Elon) about as far as I can throw an Emerald mine in South Africa. All that said, there is definitely value in what is being disclosed, and the value can be boiled down to this: the “conspiracy theorists” were right (again).

For those paying attention, the drops have moved far beyond the mechanics of suppression that kept the Hunter laptop story from sinking the Biden campaign. We are now in the BUT THEY ARE CONSPIRACY THEORISTS!!! phase of this growing scandal, and that reaction came from the FBI itself.

Jonathan Turley, writing for The Hill, put it this way in a Christmas Eve opinion piece:

“Conspiracy theorists…feeding the American public misinformation” is a familiar attack line for anyone raising free-speech concerns over the FBI’s role in social media censorship. What is different is that this attack came from the country’s largest law enforcement agency, the FBI—and, since the FBI has made combatting “disinformation” a major focus of its work, the labeling of its critics is particularly menacing.

While the FBI did its weak-ass deflection dance that notably included NO denials of anything that’s been disclosed, the drops continued, expanding on OTHER government agencies intrusive relationships with Twitter, and OTHER topics deeply manipulated, like a little pandemic that has caused a few lasting disruptions in all our lives.

The disclosures about the manipulation of the Covid conversation should shock the TRUST THE SCIENCE crowd, but it won’t—and I won’t try to untangle the psychological Gordian knot that keeps them from admitting science that needs this level of censorship isn’t science. Instead, I’ll point out that BOTH the Trump and Biden administrations don’t look good as the drip-drops keep coming. From the link:

The United States government pressured Twitter to elevate certain content and suppress other content about Covid-19 and the pandemic. Internal emails that I viewed at Twitter showed that both the Trump and Biden administrations directly pressed Twitter executives to moderate the platform’s content according to their wishes. 

At the onset of the pandemic, the Trump administration was especially concerned about panic buying, and sought “help from the tech companies to combat misinformation,” according to emails sent by Twitter employees in the wake of meetings with the White House. One area of so-called misinformation: “runs on grocery stores.” The trouble is that it wasn’t misinformation: There actually were runs on goods. 

And it wasn’t just Twitter. The meetings with the Trump White House were also attended by Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others.

When the Biden administration took over, its agenda for the American people can be summed up as: Be very afraid of Covid and do exactly what we say to stay safe. 

Yes, censorship and fear are great factors for authoritarians, and Twitter offered the former as a tailored service for political power-brokers who clearly value BIG PHARMA’s bottomline over the actual health of the American people.

The question now is what are YOU going to do with these disclosures? Will you be more discerning on the information you are being presented but authority? Will you stop pretending there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to authoritarianism? And will you apologize to that “conspiracy theorist” in your life who you belittled and shamed for standing against this onslaught of deceit?

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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  1. webdoodle says:

    Twitter was the most powerful psychological warfare weapon in the U.S. arsenal, after Facebook and Reddit. Keep in mind, it’s not only the number of people you influence that’s important, it’s the quality of the influence, it’s stickiness to the target, and the targets ability to self propagate that propaganda without continued outside stimulation.

    If you haven’t read Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, it’s a great primer on how to influence society. It was written before social media existed (2001), but those with a mind to detail and history will immediately connect many of his concepts with how social media has been used by the sociopathic Billionaires to keep the rest of us good little consumer slaves properly subservient.

    Another useful researcher to look into is Susan Blackmore and her theory called Memetics. Memetics according to wikipedia is the study of information and culture. More specifically, it’s how information is collected, analyzed and shared by individuals to connect with society. It strongly suggest that information NEEDS to be transmitted, as much as a virus needs to reproduce.

    Taking the most useful bits from both sets of research gives you a view of how information spreads that is quite tantalizing. With the right social media moderation tools the way information may spread would be extremely easy to manipulate, as we have now seen with the Twitter Files.

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