Do You See That Sheriff Office Behind The Tree?

by Travis Mateer

No? Look again.

I see the Sheriff’s Office behind the tree, but that’s because I’ve worked really hard to clear my field of vision of antiquated law enforcement notions, like serving, protecting and upholding the Constitution.

That was yesterday, people. Today things are different.

Another antiquated notion is the idea that the media will help ensure that the public is informed, thus capable of making informed decisions about who should be sitting in judgement of those facing allegations in our criminal justice system.

I can’t say how many ballots have already been turned in, and I can’t say how many people will see this post before election day on November 8th, but I CAN say that, in my opinion, there is NO WAY former Missoula Sheriff Captain, Bill Burt, should be a Justice of the Peace.

The candidate who would like to keep his Justice of the Peace position, Alex Beal, released a letter yesterday demanding the full release of information relating to Bill Burt’s time under the “leadership” of our current Sheriff, T.J. McDermott.

Here is a portion of that letter:

The part about us being an informed public is also pretty relevant, considering this information has gone unreported by the Missoulian, despite them having it. Why? Beal’s letter continues:

Yes, Missoula County Sheriff’s Office, I see you pretty clearly. And if the media would do their job, so might the public.

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