Does Outgoing Missoula County Sheriff, T.J. McDermott, Eat Settlement Levys For Breakfast?

by Travis Mateer

First, I must apologize. I seem to have passed along inaccurate information, which may have confused readers about the figurative sustenance our outgoing Sheriff, T.J. McDermott, has for breakfast.

Whether the coming tax-feast is a General Obligation Bond, or a Settlement Levy, is apparently important because one would require a vote, and the other one wouldn’t.

So which one is it, Missoulian?

If you were looking for that bond on the ballot, like I was, then you might have been confused to not see it anywhere. That’s because you don’t have a say, tax-paying voter. You just have to pony up that money for the high-functioning Sheriff’s Office and all the wonderful services they provide.

For a more detailed explanation of why you don’t get a say and must pay the Settlement Levy, here’s Alison Franz:

Ok, with that cleared up, let’s take a look at what is being alleged by the legal bell ringers for MCSO. From what I can tell, this part of the SECOND court filing for pay parity alleges our County leaders wanted pay raises for themselves, but didn’t want to trickle down the mandatory percentage, per State law.

Here’s a screenshot from the legal complaint:

Now this is all beginning to make sense to me. At some point this “longevity” scheme was probably understood to be legally tenuous, but instead of getting ahead of the financial time-bomb, nothing happened.

Until something happened, and that something is now going to cost the taxpayers A LOT of money.

The updated compensation package on the County website has been recently updated, and now reads like this:

Now that the longevity ploy has detonated, is it worth asking who lit the fuse? I mean, besides the Salary Compensation Committee from 18 years ago?

Since Detention Officers will also be added to the pay-bump requirement, which of course falls on the shoulders of Missoula County taxpayers, is it any wonder Missoula County is exploring “smart growth” fees?

If you are gob-smacked by this audacious ask, just wait until you see THIS part:

Hahahahahahaha! That’s FUNNY!

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Thanks for reading!

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