Who Benefits From Platforming Anxiety And Disappearing Grief?

by Travis Mateer

Should my family’s medical decisions be based on the immune-compromised anxieties of someone who has ALREADY had their mortal life extended by a medical intervention?

Since Charlie O’Neill has allowed herself to be used by Kaiser Health News to broadcast her fear of people like me–people who HAVE NOT and WILL NOT get jabbed–I’m going to use my meager platform to explain something to Charlie O’Neill: death is inevitable, but your fear is a CHOICE, and I’m sorry you are so afraid you’ve given your fear to the fear mongers to spread. Fear like this:

O’Neill lives in the small town of Pony in southwestern Montana’s Madison Valley. Despite living in an uncrowded rural setting, O’Neill said, the first year of the coronavirus pandemic was terrifying. She rarely left home, waiting for covid-19 vaccines to become available.

Even now, after being vaccinated, O’Neill said the virus is always on her mind when she drives into nearby Bozeman for groceries and other basic needs. She wears a mask and avoids people as much as she can. While vaccinations provide robust protection against hospitalization and death for the typical individual, they are far less effective in those who are immunocompromised.

Can anything alleviate Charlie’s fear? How about taking some political shots at Governor Gianforte and some cultural shots at anyone seeking a religious exemption? Yeah, that sounds cool. But not before we firmly establish Charlie’s vulnerable disposition and the constant, terrorizing fear she is plagued with.

O’Neill developed abscesses on her liver, requiring daily visits to the Bozeman hospital for antibiotic infusions. In a state where the governor has encouraged health workers to seek vaccination exemptions, she worried about which of the many people involved in her care were instead putting her at risk: the people checking her in at the front desk, the traveling nurses, the imaging technicians?

Gov. Greg Gianforte’s office estimates that “thousands of health care workers” have obtained religious exemptions and “remain in the workforce,” according to a recent press release.

“I so boldly ask people often just if they’re vaccinated, especially if I have to take my mask off for MRIs or something like that,” O’Neill said. She said she’d request someone else if a worker told her he or she were unvaccinated or declined to answer, but that hasn’t happened.

Actually, instead of further highlighting the debilitation of Charlie’s fear, I’ll offer her a solution: wait for your savior, Big Pharma, to develop a treatment to disappear fear. After all, with the new changes in the crazy bible (DSM), Big Pharma is going to get to set its sights on grief.

I came across this DSM update at Zero Hedge, and a cursory look for other articles led to nothing but paywalls, so here’s ZH helping track the ever-expanding list of disorders that serves Big Pharma’s bottomline:

The latest edition of the DSM, psychiatry’s “bible” of mental disorders, features an entirely new one: excessive grieving for a deceased loved one.

The NYT reported over the weekend that the inclusion of the new “disorder” marks an end to a prolonged debate within the field of mental health, prompting researchers and clinicians to view intense grief as a target for medical “treatment”, aka the prescribing of psychiatric medication, which would likely lead to a financial windfall for pharmaceutical companies. The disorder’s inclusion in the DSM-5, the latest edition of the manual, means insurers can be billed for the medication.

Isn’t that neat? Hopefully, in the near future, we can say GOOD BYE to grief. That will be fantastic for the families who have had their grief made exponentially worse by incompetent and/or complicit members of public/private helping organizations.

In the meantime, those intrepid journalists will be hunting for how many so called “religious” people think they can hide from the jab.

There’s no way of knowing just how many health care workers remain unvaccinated at any facility. Many hospitals across the state are unwilling to share the data.

Out of nearly 65 hospital facilities statewide, 11 shared their exemption rates with Montana Public Radio, Yellowstone Public Radio, and KHN. Those rates range from under 1% at two critical access hospitals operated by the U.S. Indian Health Service to 37% at Prairie Community Hospital in Terry. Four facilities reported that a quarter or more of their workers had exemptions.

Prairie Community Hospital CEO Burt Keltner said he didn’t question exemption requests because losing nearly 40% of his staff would close the hospital.

“Some of the people that had made the choice that they did not want to get the vaccine were some of our best employees,” he said.

Oh yeah, Burt? Some of your “best employees”, huh? Maybe ask them what they think about Ukraine, because I heard these un-jabbed people have DIVERSE views on that mess. At least that’s what RT is reporting about un-jabbed Canadians.

When I think about some of the stories NOT getting attention or ANY reporting that I know about, this shit gets me even more steamed.

Also, it keeps me motivated to keep creating content.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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2 Responses to Who Benefits From Platforming Anxiety And Disappearing Grief?

  1. Great post. Generally, when I think of someone living in a constant state of fear and even masking long after mandates, I think “psychotic breakdown.” Constant unrelenting fear, which was in my view the purpose of the “virus” campaign, was designed to break people down in this manner.

    I love it when people presume to know that the “vaccine” is safe, or even does what it is claimed to do. Open VAERS, which gets it information from HHS, reports as of today 25,641 vaccine-related deaths, and 141,112 hospitalizations. And we know that VAERS chronically under-reports, as it is a voluntarily system. Charlie O’Neill knows no more about this matter than anyone, and apparently thinks that blind faith in authority figures is a good alternative to rational thinking.

  2. Nails Burkhalter says:

    “MY medicine doesn’t work because YOU didn’t take it,” says the delusional hypochondriac addicted to fear. These people threw away their brains a long time ago and resent anyone capable of thinking for themselves, which is why they make prime candidates for lazy publishers like Kaiser Health News to push Big Pharma propaganda. Another lunatic who wasn’t worth talking to in the first place, advertising that fact with her continuing pathological dependence on face diapers and other adventures in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (which used to be considered a serious psychiatric condition). Putting any percentage of trust in the pharmaceutical companies just makes you look pathetic and stupid at this point. Those “true believers” who sincerely trust in the irrational claims of pay-to-play authoritarians and for-profit evil corporations have themselves become a danger to those around them. If you’re cheering on totalitarianism, then you’ve forgotten what country you live in, and what it means to be an American.

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