Modern Great Leaders Of Montana

by Travis Mateer

I’m finally going to share a video I teased two weeks ago. This video already required ONE disclaimer clip at the beginning because the Sunday I recorded my walk of shame (in penance for the previous Friday’s megaphone failure) Missoula’s GREAT Mayoral leader, John Engen, hadn’t announced his cancer diagnosis yet.

The second disclaimer is in regards to “Sheriff Man Guy”, a song inspired by the real life Sheriff of Mineral County, Mike Toth. After the song concludes I wish Toth well because I assumed he was returning to work as Sheriff after his stint in the hospital (details at the link). Also, I assumed the Sheriff job was a full time gig.

As of this writing, I’m not certain of ANYTHING happening in Mineral County, especially the current status of Sheriff Mike Toth. One rumor has him resigning, and another source indicates Toth has simply removed his hat from the ring (Toth was appointed after the last Sheriff resigned, and Toth was running for the office this year).

If you check out the brief article, this part of near the end sounds familiar: “…there has been some confusion in the community surrounding the resignation…”

And if you check out this local article, it sounds like Toth was planning on being pretty busy as of January 5th, 2022.

Toth had expectations that his position would be a working-sheriff, meaning he would be on patrol with the Deputies, but that just isn’t possible anymore as being sheriff in Mineral County carries more administration responsibilities than ever before. 

“I’m not a politician and that might be a downfall, but I’m a cop and I know how to run an office. I know how to give the service the people deserve. The deputies are friendly and want to meet and work with everyone. We all care and we’re here for public safety, and I’m a phone call away for anyone.”

Back in Missoula, we are getting a glimpse of a new breed of GREAT LEADER, one who may take the helm after Engen is forced to step down.

Here is the future GREAT LEADER, the Queen of Condescension, Gwen Jones, putting the out-of-line newbies in their place:

Council member Gwen Jones suggested both Jordan and Carlino do more research to understand what led to the security contract and why it took its current form. She also said the city’s efforts were making headway on the challenge of homelessness – something that got overshadowed this week due to comments on security.

“There is a much bigger picture here of how many people were housed this last winter,” Jones said. “I’d hate for use to get hung up on the narrative of a ‘security force’ when a lot of thought went into it.”

Ooooohhhh, that be DAMN ICE COLD shade thrown by a real professional. But will it be enough keep the JordaLino duo from getting uppity, or will it perhaps piss them off enough to earn the eager Ice Queen a sustained insurrection against her protectionist stance for the cabal?

Only time will tell, time I hope you spend watching a journa-tuning mea-culpa to modern day GREAT LEADERS in Montana.

And Sunday I’ll be sharing a delightful piece of predictive fiction I’ve been tweaking, so stay tuned and thanks for reading/watching.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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5 Responses to Modern Great Leaders Of Montana

  1. TC says:

    I believe that we are just starting to see Gwen Jones at her fullest. We have seen hints – reaction to poetry, semi- doxxing citizens during comments and now suggesting that new Council members require homework before questioning.
    Much like her MRA mirror image (Ellen), she is very good at narrative spin. Any time there is a counter point/an instance of non- lock step, it will be put forth as ignorance. Don’t agree with TIF usage – ignorant and don’t understand! Have questions about the unaccountability of private security – ignorant and don’t understand!
    This is done to intimidate and shame the citizen questioner. It is meant to silence any dissent. Even on a deliberative body such as Council dissent will not be tolerated. Ms Jones suggested as much in her recent comments about the Mayor.
    So strap in – as Jones feels her “Presidency” more and more, as she becomes the de facto Mayor, I predict we will see her megalomania show itself more and more. But don’t worry fellow Missoulians because its all ok – she is a good Liberal!

  2. Eric says:

    Maybe she just needs to be softened up a little – go ahead – take one for the team Travis ! 🙂

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