On Timelines And The Curious Timing Of Certain Events That Interests Me

by Travis Mateer

Since I’ve been working on a meta-timeline, and talking about the timing of things happening in a few of the cases I’ve been tracking, it was timely to find a copy of MONTANA, The Magazine of Western History, from the Spring of 2019.

I’ll get to why this magazine is now curious to me in a moment, but first recall a time before THE FEAR was rolled out in March of 2020. What were some of the LOCAL things going on?

I did some scrolling back in the archive and found articles I wrote, like this one about how ignoring the Reserve Street encampment won’t make it go away, and this one about the McResistance of Russiagaters like Montana’s Josh Manning.

While I was writing about these topics, the woman who would be become instrumental in directing PANDEMIC policies, Ellen Leahy, was writing in the above mag about the INFLUENZA pandemic.

Here’s some of the content from this precursor to Leahy’s time to shine:

Within a week of that news, the disease arrived full force in Montana. “Dread Influenza Invades State” announced the Daily Missoulian, noting that Sheridan County reported over 100 cases on September 30 and an alarming 350 cases in Scobey in neighboring Daniels County. Likely aided by troop movement and rail travel, the disease spread quickly and was reported “raging at Libby” just before its arrival in Missoula, where the first wave of cases occurred among soldiers training for combat.

In keeping with the fine customs of a Sunday, enlisted men at Fort Missoula enjoyed their day off on October 6, 1918, which they “passed in the city,” mingling with civilians. Upon their return to the fort that evening, many of them were showing signs of illness and were placed in quarantine at the fort hospital, but by then it was too late.

Later that year, in 2019, the Repo markets started going nuts in September. Then, in October, this happened:

I’m sure this is all just coincidental, and anyone who says otherwise is a raving lunatic in need of reeducation.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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6 Responses to On Timelines And The Curious Timing Of Certain Events That Interests Me

  1. webdoodle says:

    You think Event 201 is interesting, check out Spars Pandemic scenario and CladeX. Spars shows how to use psychological abuse to force vaccine mandates and CladeX shows how to destroy the world supply chains. The main CDC/WHO/NIH participants of CladeX literally said multiple times never do lockdowns, mask or vaccine mandates, or vaccine passports as even done on small time frames will cause supply chain shortages that can last years.

    It’s almost like they were setting the stage for the WEF great reset…

    • I got hard copies of SPARS made up for posterity. Otherwise, people might not believe a document like that exists.

      • webdoodle says:

        Did you hear about the run on paper? See youtube link. I wonder how much is people backing up the internet to hard copy? If the Red Scare isn’t scary enough to put down the Peoples Convoy’s and other peasant revolts brewing around the world, the Great Cyber Attack will be unleashed to purge the evidence of the WEF Great Reset and restore order to the operation mockingbird news monopoly, all while continuing to destroy the world economies and blame it on us dirty polluting, over populating pleebs.

        That or more likely, it’ll get deleted like the State Department documents on Biolabs in Ukraine 2 days before Russia claims they are bioweapons labs like Wuhan, that got funding from the U.S., Fauci, and EcoHealth.

  2. amandaofthegrace says:

    “Nothing in politics happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” Franklin D. Roosevelt quote.

    Hey, did you guys hear about how the Missoula Chief of Police Mike Brady “quietly stepped down” on December 31st, 2019 from his many years and comfortable salary range of $120,000-$135,000, to take a 25% pay cut and step into the “long-dormant” City Risk and Safety Manager position in 2020? Just in time to be ready to handle all that safety and risk a couple months later, eh?


    “I think that he thought it was time to think about doing something else and so Mike tendered his retirement. … I think he’s been a great advocate for the department.”

    “Engen said the chief will step into the city’s long-dormant risk manager position, which officials reinstated in the coming year’s budget.”

    So Engen “thinks” Brady “thought” it was time to “think” about doing something else? I “think” that is truly one of the most non-answers I have ever heard!

    If the position was open for multiple years, what was the need to fill and budget for it? I doubt Brady spent years dreaming of spending his “retirement” this way.


    Ellen Leahy also conveniently stepped down from her position in the middle of a “pandemic” in June 2021. The Missoulian said she spent over 30 years “protecting public health”. How is she protecting anyone by leaving in the middle of a “public health crisis”?

    I emailed Ellen Leahy one time to voice my concerns about how a City facility was enforcing arbitrary “covid guidelines” to such a radical extreme that they were endangering patron and employee lives by going against the “recommendations” of the Missoula City-County Health Department and Montana Governor, and excusing it all by calling it “extra precautions”. I told her I wanted to say something before it’s too late and someone dies as a result. I never heard back from her!

    “Protecting public health”? Bull-fucking-shit.

    I also heard that Engen used to work for the Missoulian. You guys know anything about that? I heard it from a former Missoulian employee.

    Hey Travis, I’ve been enjoying reading your blogs and learning about the connections you make between people and their positions, timing, and following where the money is going and coming from. Keep up the great work and God bless you and yours!

    • Yes, Engen wrote for the Missoulian, and the Kaimin before that, and the Hellgate Lance before that. Tomorrow’s post will take a look at some of that, including the benefits of making fat jokes.

  3. A doctor by the name of Rosenau attempted, using volunteers, to show how the Spanish flu spread from person to person. He had people breathing in each others’ faces, coughing, sneezing, even injecting sputum under the skin. Not one of his volunteers contracted the disease. His conclusion, “we do not understand this disease well.” I would drop the word “this.”


    Interesting that victims of the Spanish flu were mostly young people, including my Aunt who was a new mother. This all happened at a time when all kinds of stuff was going on in the European theatre, chemical warfare and the like. But after Rosenau, it was never studied again. We just do not know the cause. “Scientists” discovered a frozen corpse somewhere and claimed to have isolated an H1N1 virus, saying that was the cause. But virus isolation as practiced is at best pseudoscience, more like science fraud. Because it has never really been studied, to this day we do not know the cause of that epidemic.

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