On The Stupid Generosity Of Refugee-Saving Missoula Liberals Throwing Money At The World Central Kitchen

by Travis Mateer

As Americans unquestioningly consume war propaganda while getting bent over and violated at the pump, around 200 stupid/generous Missoula liberals showed up at a local brewery to rain money on a “non-profit” headed by this dude:

What is the World Central Kitchen, you ask? It’s an organization that exists to suck money out of the pockets of stupid/generous liberals during times of crisis, but not every partnering group has been satisfied with this group’s performance. From the link:

In April, World Central Kitchen, founded by chef José Andrés, announced Chefs for America, a program to provide 1 million free meals to those experiencing food insecurity. The nonprofit organization, which is known for feeding people in need following natural disasters, would partner with over 1,000 restaurants and subsidize a pre-set number of $10 meals, which WCK would help distribute in various U.S. neighborhoods. The plan was twofold: Feed the hungry, and pay struggling restaurants to help them stay in business. But at least one restaurant has chosen to end its partnership with WCK: La Morada — a Oaxacan restaurant in the Bronx, New York, that’s owned by undocumented immigrants — recently announced it would no longer be working with WCK, citing the organization’s affiliation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and its “ties to gentrifying forces.”

The $9,000 dollars generated by stupid/generous Missoulians got an assist from Mary Poole and Soft Landing, who organized this event. Also present to sing the praises of this organization was Eamon Fahey. Here’s an excerpt from the Missoulian article:

Eamon Fahey, director of the International Rescue Committee in Missoula, anticipates that while Montana won’t see any Ukrainian refugees in the immediate future, he said it’s likely Ukrainians may be sent to Missoula for resettlement at some point down the road.

“I encourage everyone to stay involved, to contribute to all of these fine organizations that do really important work,” Fahey said.

Clearwater Credit Union also donated $1,000.

So, how did the World Central Kitchen get on the radar to receive this stupid/generous loot? You can thank local influencers like Ellie Hill/Smith/Boldman and ED of United Way, Susan Hay Patrick, for being so damn memorable in 2011 when World Central Kitchen board member, Robert Egger, visited our humble town.

Since I was working at the Poverello Center at the time, I remember when Robert Egger showed up and spoke. Our local influences were VERY excited. Here’s Egger recalling his time in Missoula (emphasis mine):

Missoula is awash in great programs and dynamic leadership who treated me like kin and proudly showed me every corner of their community. I visited the Peas Farm, hit the North Missoula Community Development Center’s new Co-Op, talked about plans for a community kitchen and how it could develop food products that could empower dozens of new businesses, run by men and women who could have those businesses financed by a micro-credit program run by the United Way, which, to my surprise, is now being ably led by Susan Patrick Hay, an old DC colleague.

Isn’t that nice?

I’m sure Ukraine will benefit mightily from these caring, liberal-minded organizations adeptly monetizing liberal guilt. And if doing caring things isn’t your style, BIG TECH is there for you to make sure urging violence against Russia and Putin is made allowable on their platforms.

Facebook and Instagram users in some countries will be allowed to call for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers in the context of the Ukraine invasion, after parent company Meta made a temporary change to its hate speech policy.

The company is also temporarily allowing some posts that call for death to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and his Belarusian counterpart, Alexander Lukashenko, in countries including Russia, Ukraine and Poland, according to internal emails to its content moderators.

If you’re maintaining your humanity amidst this powerful propaganda campaign and the resulting madness it’s creating, I commend you. It’s not easy.

And if you want to donate money to something TRULY local, my GoFundMe page is waiting for your generosity.

Thanks for reading.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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4 Responses to On The Stupid Generosity Of Refugee-Saving Missoula Liberals Throwing Money At The World Central Kitchen

  1. TC says:

    There is a common thread/ an arc through your last two posts. I felt it more than I understood it.
    As much as I always thought it bullshit (being a poor boy that succeeded/ boots straps and all that) I realized there is such a thing as White Privilege – it is Oh Danny Boy (look up his Daddy), it is his girlfriend Maggie Maggie, its their (hopefully right pronoun) friend running for Leg (will win with 80% approval here in Woketown just cause), and it is most def Mary Poole, who only wanted immigrants to diversify her child’s experience without actually living in NYC. (Look up her quotes)
    Its Ellie dash dash dash and Erin Pehan and Emily Bock and United Way Heroine. But mostly its Jolly Jon and Queen Ellen!
    These are all people that never put a boot on the ground. These are people that sit in cubes and read reports. They wring their hands and “worry” about the World. They write a check – or better yet write a check for you. They then feel like they actually did something and then self congratulate themselves at the Break – cause they did something for the Poors, the Darks, the Unfortunates. Its really easy to do from your Rattlesnake Home (with 2 Air BNBs that are rented out for the next Checota Concert). THAT IS WHITE PRIVILEDGE/ GUILT.
    I am still a poor boy (boot straps and all that). I am white and (as the kids say) Cis-gender. I dont believe in posting my pro- nouns because it seems apparent. I come from a multi-ethnic family and friends but none have ever whined (tho do wine – alot!)
    That said I believe in equality (not equity – thats on the individual). For 40 years I put boots on ground so I believe i have a nuanced understanding – not some Ideal Utopia. That is the realm of Boomers and idealistic youths that come from money. THAT IS WHITE PRIVILEGE.

    • justanothermulato says:


      You believe in equality? everything you wrote before that jes said otherwise. Those bootstraps you believe you pulled yourself up by? Purchased by your cisgender multi (white) ethnic father. If he was black, those boots wouldn’t be leather, they’d be plastic. or cotton, or you’d be going barefoot. And equity is on the individual? No, those white boys wealth is passed down through the family having been stolen from the labor of their black slaves or from the land of us injuns.

      Nothing like a major display of white privilege from someone who denies being the recipient of white privilege to brighten the day.

  2. TC says:

    I think I need to add a wee bit of nuance that I referenced. I think I mean WHITE = GREEN. (And green = white).
    I have no time for anyone that has not had a person die in front of them telling me how the world works. You have, I Have!
    As much as we disagree and make fun, I do respect Gomer. He put boots on ground (even for a minute). He pisses me off daily but its an agree to disagree thing. He served me, you, this Country!
    After, he took a turn that I disdain. But at least he put boots on ground.
    Now – Petey! Yep -thats a tale for another day 😂

  3. TC says:

    Justanothermulato – I think you lashed out against an advocate. I think we have a lot of common ground. I think if worked together in a partisan manner ad could actually move the needle on common good.
    But … if not … then go fuck yourself and hope you ####=

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