Missoula’s Narrative Controllers And Economic Elitists Virtue Signal Over Housing Affordability

by Travis Mateer

CORRECTION: The “Ms. DiSantis” who publisher Jim Strauss commented on in a tweet is NOT the wife of the Florida Governor, like I implied. My mistake.

If the results weren’t so infuriating, it would almost be humorous watching developers like WGM’s Nick Kaufman and policy prostitutes like MEP’s Grant Kier complain about the lack of housing. Thanks to a recent City Club presentation, that is EXACTLY what we got this week from these enablers of policies, like Tax Increment Financing, which make housing affordability WORSE.

Since these hypocritical fuckers can’t ever speak honestly about their roles in worsening the housing crisis, we get bullshit like this:

In Monday’s City Club Missoula meeting, long-time Missoulians discussed how to keep Missoula great for future generations.

“For many, Missoula is the last best place in the last best place,” said Grant Kier, CEO of Missoula Economic Partnership and moderator of Monday’s meeting. ”At the same time, our community has experienced rapid growth, tremendous change and significant headwinds over the last decade and a half.”

Headwinds? Are you sure that isn’t just hot air blowing from the manpulative mouths of Mayor Engen and his cronies, Grant? And what are the solutions, or did City Club just find some long-time residents to participate in this spectacle to create the ILLUSION of finding solutions by these hypocrite enablers?

The most tone-deaf statement in this NBC Montana article comes from “principal planner” of WGM, Nick Kaufman. While tone-deaf, it’s also VERY insightful, as I’ll explain after the quote. From the link:

“We certainly value our jobs in Missoula, but a lot of us can’t afford to live here,” said panelist Nicholas Kaufman, principal planner with WGM Group. “We chose to live in the Bitterroot because of quality of life, but now people move because of affordability.”

Ah, is THIS why Kaufman is such a BIG supporter of housing density? Because packing people into the sardine can MASTER plan in Missoula will keep residential overflow from filling the Bitterroot?

Moving on, this Friday is the start of the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, a major cultural event that brings documentary filmmakers from around the world to showcase their stuff (no, Engen’s Missoula was not finished in time to submit for this year’s festival).

This year’s opening film, which will be showing at a venue owned by a man who tried to use a complicated financial instrument to line his own pockets, is called A Decent Home. If you don’t hear the irony sirens blaring, then here’s a description of the film that should unplug your ears:

Opening Night 2022 brings into focus the importance of home and community amidst rapidly changing economic realities. When housing that’s on the lowest rung of the American Dream is being devoured by the wealthiest of the wealthy, whose dream are we serving?

If that wasn’t enough to get your blood boiling on this cold February morning after Valentines Day, check out this screen shot of a tweet from Jim Strauss, the publisher of the Missoulian.

Why is the publisher of a Montana newspaper focusing on the wife of an elected official in Florida? Is it because Jim Strauss’ wife, Dee Strauss, works for a nursing home corporation with ties to developing high-end real estate in Florida?

I hope people like Nick Kaufman, Grant Kier, and Jim Strauss understand that every time they issue these vacuous virtue signals, more and more commoners are able to wake up and see through this poorly executed charade.

And to help with this process, I’ve composed a new poem about Truckers. Enjoy!

little Castro bastard boy
runs away from trucker horns
whac-a-mole protest joy
awakening latent scorn

GoFundMe thieves steal the loot
while lil Jussie hides in fear
needle zealots jack their boots
and finger-plug their stupid ears

semi-wheeling blocking streets
viral courage starts to spread
my uzi bullhorn brings the heat
to warm the bones of the walking dead

liberal zombies, what the fuck?
how did Pharma buy your brains?
we're coming for the school boards
as your gaslights start to wane

no, not threatening, just the truth
that action-taking will be done
kicking red-lines with your hoof
lights the fuse of my innter sun

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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5 Responses to Missoula’s Narrative Controllers And Economic Elitists Virtue Signal Over Housing Affordability

  1. webdoodle says:

    I’m not sure if it’s virtue signalling, more likely political signalling. DeSantis will likely be the Republican U.S. Presidential candidate in 2024. Trump, who unleashed this Covid Plandemic, and didn’t end it before he left office, is a wet duck at best. Trump has lost too many of his previous supporters after his Jan 6th Night of the Long Knives to purge his political base of his brown shirt ‘extremists’. He also continues to show support for experimental gene therapy (brought to you by Pfizer), for pardoning Israeli nuclear spy Pollock (and his handler), and not pardoning Snowden or Assange who exposed serious constitutional abuses including mass surveillance and the U.S. military murdering Aljazeera journalists. He’s just another lying, stealing Billionaire, and his previous supporters understand that finally.

    • Anyone who still sees something valuable to Trump doesn’t know who Roy Cohn is. I have Whitney Webb’s book on Epstein on preorder because she understands how power works. There’s a dead local intern that hints at how kinky vices create collateral damage, but that’s a story for another day.

      Excellent points on political signaling. I’m working on a theory of hyper-localism that might offer a counter to the larger energies people are wasting their time with, energies that quickly get co-opted by forces with malignant intentions. Stay tuned.

  2. webdoodle says:

    Looking forward too it. Hopefully you’ve had time to dig through Missoulian archives during Talbot’s reign, to find evidence of his execution of Operation Mockingbird for this former employer the CIA. The Missoulian was and still is the largest news publication in Western Montana, and his influence there should be examined with an electron microscope.

    During his reign he would have had influence over the Vietnam Protests (which started in Missoula), Environmental Protests, several workers strikes, etc. All things the propagandists throw shade on or outright discredit/malign.

  3. John August Hundley says:

    Wait, connect some dots for me. How/where is Jim Strauss “focusing on the wife of an elected official in Florida”?
    Are you actually saying the lady in the article Jim retweets as being related to Ron DeSantis? If so, this is so comical and so on brand for you. I can see the bulletin board with red string now.

  4. Hey Skink,

    The woman in the article spells her name different than the elected official in Florida – it’s a super, super, super easy 13 second Google search to confirm/find out.

    Why make the comment that she’s the wife of a well known politician, without Googling or noticing that the names are spelled differently? Sounds like real “citizen journalism” to me. Why not check that little fact before publishing?

    Also, no way to say this nicely but, have you ever been to the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival? The 3 hour “documentary” you made that equates Missoula to Fallujah in the opening minutes is…basically guaranteed not to be accepted. So, just preparing you for that now, and I also wanna call it here publicly before you submit next year, that it won’t get turned down due to the “truth” inside it. It won’t be the victimfest that I am anxiously awaiting to read about when this happens, it’ll be for much more mundane and practical reason: it’ll be not just because it’s 3 hours long, but because it immediately begins with demonstrably false radical propaganda and childish “winks” to the audience that you don’t like Nic Checota (for the record, I don’t like him either). You know who gets to make 3 hour movies that get shown? Scorcese. Tarantino. Nolan. Marvel. That’s about it.

    As always I guess, entertaining to see the blog wander dangerously close to a good idea, then veer wildly into made up and unfactchecked bs for no apparent reason. Good luck out there.

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