Engen’s Missoula Documentary Has A Good First Month Of Viewing

by Travis Mateer

Yesterday evening, for First Friday, a mobile billboard attached to a grocery cart (sourced from a local reuse business) made its guerrilla marketing debut on the streets of downtown Missoula.

With musical accompaniment from an amplified saxophone and a snare drum, we took to the streets to promote Engen’s Missoula and to express our adoration for GREAT LEADER!

We also used our mobile messaging delivery system to address the Nick Checota pod people enjoying their fine dining in plastic spheres. We wanted the patrons to know that we understand Checota’s decision to kill the Top Hat as a music venue despite his receiving MILLIONS in Covid relief money to SAVE his music venues.

The main reason, though, for our amplified presence was to ensure Missoula citizens know a documentary is available detailing the use of GREAT LEADER’s favorite tool, Tax Increment Financing. So far, in its first month, the documentary has been viewed 1,212 times.

To celebrate the first month of Engen’s Missoula being available to view online, I have composed a poem using all my professional poetry skills derived from my time at the University of Montana.

So here it is. Have a GREAT Saturday, Missoula!

Engen penguin I like your suit and
gut-bust, baby-back, hee-haw boots
deal me a meal of real estate pie and
yummy-bum payoffs will fix that black eye

dumb-dumb climbers like the climate change kid
got his little seat to lob at the libs 
mighty tweets of virtue sent through the screen
mixed use, mother fuckers, from the tiny home team

hollow tweaker cheeks will make a good snitch
and shields for the feels of the sycophant clique
build another camp but don't concentrate too hard
you good Missoula citizens about your backyard

yes, that's a reference to the mustache man
and the rise in the minds of the stiff-arm clan
how did they do it?  I'll tell you, nitwits,
bit by bit, slowly, with the paperclips 

how can we stop them?  let's brain storm
and mushroom gulp to tulpa a back-off form
don't be afraid, Christians, the book is a map
timing CC Riders to wake from their nap

so stop floggin your noggins with woke-joke whips
and look to the crooks of the house-hunt flip
Engen penguin, I like your smile
from the girth of the hurts in the research file

now we are rolling with wheels and signs
up and down Higgins to expose all his lies
joins if you dare for mirth and for joy
and sing adios to his penguin ploy

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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1 Response to Engen’s Missoula Documentary Has A Good First Month Of Viewing

  1. Mike Stokan says:

    I really like your documentary. Regarding TIF and “affordable” housing, I’m reminded of a riff by comedian George Carlin; paraphrased “We have a War on Poverty and a War on Drugs. Why is there no war on homelessness? There will be no war until somebody figures out how to get rich off it.”
    I guess in Missoula, someone has.

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