Don’t Blame Public/Private Failure To Handle The Snow, Blame Your Lack Of Belief In Great Leader

by Travis Mateer

I admit it, any belief I once had in GREAT LEADER disappeared years ago, kinda like how common sense disappears when the snow REALLY starts falling in Zoom Town.

While I don’t expect Ryan Zinke to be a GREAT LEADER, that didn’t stop me from sharing my passion for exposing local tax abuses this morning when I called in to KGVO.

I had two questions for the dude who wants to shift his grift to a Congressional seat: Do you know about Tax Increment Financing, and will you go to Engen’s Missoula dot com to watch a new documentary?

Zinke seemed intrigued.

Some of the early feedback I’m getting is enthusiastically positive. One point of narrative confusion is the short-circuiting of Heidi West. Those outside Missoula might not understand the socio-economic makeup of neighborhoods like the Northside/Westside (more working class) and the fringe of the University District, where the historic railroad houses once existed (they have been destroyed for condos).

Heidi West tried erecting a tearful, working-class shield against the criticism of a previous commenter who referenced higher crime rates in poorer neighborhoods, but it landed VERY flat.

Anyway, I gotta wrap this up so I can risk a return drive to the county. My wife assured me there is some kind of snowplow labor shortage, but this report makes it sound like they’re fully staffed and ready for this shit. They are not.

Neither are some private parking lots, or many drivers on the road. It’s a shit show only made worse by TAX INCREMENT FINANCING.

Maybe I’ll find my belief again in GREAT LEADER. Until then, I’m rolling with a shovel, kitty litter, and a CAN-DO attitude.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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