Attacking Montana’s Non-Discrimination Legislation So The Unvaxxed Can Be Punished

by Travis Mateer

Since House Bill 702 was passed and was signed into law by Governor Gianforte, banning discrimination based on vaccine status, the NEW AUTHORITARIANS have been freaking out about what this means for their endgame goal of creating a two-tiered apartheid society where the unvaxxed are punished for their medical decisions.

The argument being made by the authoritarians is that Gianforte and his dangerously stupid, anti-science Republicans enablers are keeping important tools from health officials to fight this pandemic. What kind of tools? If you can call DENYING MASK EXEMPTIONS a tool, then that’s one of ’em:

The rule, referred to by Murphy, came down Aug. 31 from the state health department, saying school districts should allow for kids to get exemptions from face-mask mandates in schools this fall.

Two weeks later, 18 state epidemiologists and state health experts delivered a letter to Gianforte’s public-health director, Adam Meier, blasting the rationale of the rule. They said statements used to support the rule, on the supposed drawbacks or ineffectiveness of masks, were misleading and false.

Yeah, FUCK exemptions! No kid should be able to weasel out of being muzzled by pieces of fabric and neck-gators, like that tween I saw who bravely spoke to the Covid task force about masks giving her migraine headaches and how socially isolating remote learning was for her.

Yeah, fuck that girl.

What other important tools are being denied our deeply caring health officials? I know, what if they wanted to quarantine the dirty unvaxxed for a LONGER period of time than the good Americans who did what the government told them to do? Can they do that under this terribly restrictive law?

Because the law forbids discrimination based on vaccination status, it also prohibits most incentives offered to anyone to get vaccinated, and prohibits schools or anyone else from requiring the non-vaccinated to be quarantined longer than vaccinated people, he says.

“So you can’t even quarantine the folks who were exposed unless you quarantine everyone, which isn’t practical, because you shouldn’t be quarantining folks that are fully vaccinated,” Murphy says.

Jim Murphy, the retired state epistemologist lamenting over this missed opportunity to impose a medical apartheid system in Montana, sounds really disappointed the “tool” of quarantining the unvaxxed for LONGER than good vaccinated Americans is being denied his jackbooted peers.

Another “tool” being denied these foot soldiers for BIG PHARMA is their ability to promote coerce kids at school to get jabbed.

Murphy also says state health officials were told not to promote COVID-19 vaccines for school-age children, in school settings this fall.

“Typically, for the start of the school year, there’s a pretty heavy effort to vaccinate kids for the routine childhood disease,” he told MTN News. “And a lot of that occurs within school settings, with school-based clinics. Yet we were discouraged from promoting anything that had to do with a school-based clinic on COVID.”

I have two thoughts here. My first thought is BOO-FUCKING-HOO Jim Murphy, and my second thought is THANK YOU Greg Gianforte.

I’ll leave it there for today. Tomorrow’s post will be another “jab” at a school board member/non-profit employee who has no qualms about starting political Facebook groups, despite clear ethical limitations on engaging in such behavior.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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12 Responses to Attacking Montana’s Non-Discrimination Legislation So The Unvaxxed Can Be Punished

  1. medtech101 says:

    5 people died in Missoula from covid on friday. I suppose your good with that. Fuck those people, they were going to die anyhow.

    • TC says:

      In Travis’ defense I dont think he is implying that 5 people dying is a good think. I think any reading of his prior writings or knowledge of his previous life work shows that he is a caring, empathetic person (especially to those struggling).
      Rather he can hold two thoughts at once – caring for people and questioning political directives.
      Now let me ask “medic”; do you know that 5 people died on Friday or was that the day that data of 5 deaths was collated and reported? Did all 5 deaths result directly from Covid or were any of the other deaths caused by something else (ie cancer, cardiac, etc but tested Covid) at time of death? Finally, why isnt it tragic enough that 5 people died – why does it have to be heightened politically that they tested positive for Covid and then died?
      Ill mourn their loss; not the manner of that loss.

      • medtech101 says:

        Go look at St. Patrick’s post and draw your own conclusions.

        “Montana has the second worst seven-day new case average in the nation”

        “One in 434 rural Americans have died from COVID-19”

        “A study put out this week by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows 1 in 500 American children have lost a caregiver to COVID-19. American Indian and Alaska Native children were 4.5 times more likely to have lost a primary caregiver compared with white children. Black children were 2.4 times more likely and Hispanic children almost twice as likely. Losing a parent or caregiver in childhood is a significant trauma. The study notes that this type of adverse childhood experience “may result in profound long-term impact on health and well-being for children.””

        Empathetic people with children might want to reexamine the issue. Or just rationalize it away using junk science and libertarian rants.

        • Greg Strandberg says:

          From last Monday’s DPHHS report:

          St. Pat’s has 117 non-covid patients, 47 covid patients, and 34 open beds.

          Seems the real problem are all the non-covid patients. If the hospital was really overwhelmed, they’d simply send some of those folks home. But that would lose them money, so they won’t.

        • medtech101 says:

          Who said anything about being overwhelmed. Obviously you or a loved one has never spent much time in a hospital, or you ignored them. Your goal is always to leave a hospital as soon as possible. And the hospital’s goal is get you out asap, as failure to do so will result in the insurer not paying.

          Simple arguments for simple minds.

        • The amazing thing about Covid is that even though the supposed virus has never been purified, and no complete genome is available, people are said to die from it! PCR tests are run at over 40 amp cycles, producing meaningless garbage. In the meantime, something even more interesting has gone on … influenza has disappeared.

          Medtech101, you’re a hack. You might even be sent to infiltrate the blogs, trying to make modern allopathic medicine seem like real instead of pseudoscience. I would love to confront you one on one … come to, I will give you a forum, ban outside commenters, and let you spread your wings and …

          Up to it? Are you?

        • medtech101 says:

          You again? And your impenetrable ignorance? No thanks. I see plenty of people like you, hooked up to ventilators because they’re too stupid to practice basic health precautions. Some live, some die. You’ve got nothing to say that would change my mind. I could just turn on Fox News like you and hear all the denial drivel if I wanted to. But I won’t. I have too much self respect.

          And how did that pseudo-scientific surgery procedure you had a while back go? Did the quack stitch you up without leaving some tools or gauze behind, or dripping snot in your incision because he refused to wear a mask? You’ll never know. Until you do.

        • Still waiting for some evidence that you actually know WTF you’re talking about. most medical personnel undergo intense brainwashing, which includes lots of sleep deprivation. You’re a specimen, For myself, I am unvaxed, unmasked, have never “social distanced”, and recovered very easily from my surgery, several people in the place enjoying my “This Mask Is Useless” mask. I opted not to wear the one that said “SHEEP” as I feared that the man who held the scalpel might be offended. You’re a moron. Stop denying.

        • I have another word for ventilators … manslaughter. I would say “murder” but you people in the profession do not understand that you are killing people. Your education consisted of drinking from a firehose, sleep deprivation, the result of which was brainwashing. That’s how it works. Education should be a period of rested self reflection, guided by knowing hands who want you to thrive on your own, rather than forced inoculation of the doctrines wherein you are pretty good at setting a broken arm or fixing a gunshot or stabbing wound, but are clueless about disease.

          Travis, you said to me in our podcast that I do not care what people think of me. This is true. I also speak plainly and with background knowledge. If you ban me here, I ban you there, you worried that I say things that make you uncomfortable. Sucks to be you, a moral coward? I do not suffer that defect.

        • No one is banned, not the concern trolls, the failed Council candidate who thinks I have a personality disorder, and you. Sometimes comments do have to be released, like one of yours because I don’t think you’re logged in to your account.

        • My apologies..

        • After reading your latest post, I see you are still trying to resist the WordPress upgrade. I’ve been using the new set up after also resisting for awhile. I feel your pain!

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