Why I’m Excited For Four More Years Of Engen

by Travis Mateer

Mayor Engen in 2014

The title of this post is probably a little confusing for those who have been reading the blog for awhile. Why, after endorsing ABE for Mayor (Anyone But Engen), would I make a 180 degree turn?

The first thing is that John Engen is a WINNER and, let’s be honest, we all want to be winners. To highlight the winning nature Engen has displayed over the decades, I placed a trophy with a golden pig next to Engen’s image.

Placing this newspaper effigy of Engen on the wall of my art studio helps inspire me. As I leave the safe space I’ve created at the ZACC, I kiss my fingers and place it on that black spot where Engen’s heart is supposed to be.

You see, ACTUALLY caring about people is a drag and can lead to being a loser. It’s much better to take your heart and kill its caring capacity in order to do what’s needed to be a winning leader like Engen.

The newspaper itself–the Missoula Independent–is a good example of what happens to things that oppose winners like Engen: they die.

Or, to be a little more accurate, the Indy was killed by Engen enablers, like Matt Gibson and Jim Strauss, the respective publishers who scorched the Indy earth and salted the digital archives.

Here’s the Missoulian publisher, Jim Strauss, tweeting about having to take PTO because of Missoula’s daycare shortage:

Instead of being appreciative of being a well-paid information gatekeeper, Jim is on Twitter complaining about taking PTO for two days.

Has his newspaper put pressure on the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department to release information about the lethal use force against Johnny Lee Perry on August 29th?

No, the Missoulian reporter I spoke to never followed up with me regarding what I know about Johnny’s death. Does the Missoulian want to REPORT on what’s happening in this town, or PROTECT the political establishment?

That’s a rhetorical question.

I am so excited for four more years of Engen. Just look at what he’s accomplished already during his 16 year reign!

Good things are coming, Missoula.

Thanks for reading.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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  1. Larry says:

    “Lethal use of force against Johnny Lee Perry” link goes to today’s post.

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