Friday Double-Header Of Breaking News And Artistic Satire

by Travis Mateer/William Skink

This special Friday post is a DOUBLE header.

First, the breaking news: next month’s City Club Mayoral forum is now a ZOOM meeting, something predicted by, and is being reported by, Mayoral candidate Greg Strandberg.

To help educated the Missoula public, I finally busted out my amplified free-speech maker for a brief test run on the corner of Main and Higgins, letting people know our cowardly Mayor will greatly benefit from this move.

Second, I’m testing the ability to create satirical political content with a music video to accompany my song inspired by a supporter of Daniel Carlino gently explaining to me that my use of the diminutive “Danny” is not well-received by his activist supporters.


I just wish I had better control over my artist alter-ego, William Skink.


About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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1 Response to Friday Double-Header Of Breaking News And Artistic Satire

  1. TC says:

    Greg was so spot on – he predicted this a week ago before Delta Dawn arose upon us. Shows that Greg has been prescient about Missoula politics all along. You can argue his tact or delivery but I think this proves no one understands Missoula City/County with quite the same understanding (due to his endless/mindless research).
    So Missoula – we are going to be left with the entitled white man that has been mayor for a decade and a half (despite his impulse control problems that would have left the rest of us in jail, broke or at least shamed/“cancelled”), a County Comm that has done nothing but recycled thru every local office and another County Commish that is Super Woke (cause he worked with plants)
    We are doomed to our future – but at least all those at the GFS/Farmers Market can sleep well knowing they put $1.00 in the JEDI Bucket

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