Doxxing, Death-Wishing Zealots Are Tracking Tucker And Wishing Death By Denial Of Care For The Unvaxxed

by Travis Mateer

I may be a vehement critic of our Mayor, working hard to unseat him from his 16 year reign, but I draw the line at showing up where he lives at 5:30am on a Saturday morning, and said so last August after BLM protestors did just that.

I’ve been thinking about not crossing those kind of personal lines after recording yesterday’s Zoom Town episode and hearing from Tim Adams about a tweet identifying the hotel Tucker Carlson was staying at in Montana.

Here’s the tweet:

While doxing has been a part of cancel culture for years now, the DELTA stage of this pandemic, accompanied by an insane propaganda fear campaign, is further deranging people to the point that caring, liberal-minded people are saying shit like this:

Yes, this person would like hospitals to deny care, thus killing, the arseholes who are refusing to get vaxxed if they show up needing medical treatment.

When “Lgpguin” (aka Kathleen, according to her Twitter bio) needed protection from our local government in Missoula a few years ago because the city’s sidewalk project was going to cost her tens of thousands of dollars, this hateful person suggesting people who think the unvaxxed should be killed by hospitals rallied support on social media for HER OWN PROTECTION. From the link:

At least one of the Slant Street homeowners who led the charge via social media was pleased with the steps taken Friday afternoon.

“Thank you to Twitter & FB friends, and the S. O. , & Mayor Engen and my parents (who taught me to be a big mouth & stand up for myself.),” homeowner Kathleen Kimble wrong on Facebook. “EGREGIOUS SIDEWALK BILLS ARE ON HOLD FOR NOW, IMMEDIATE PROJECT CANCELED. City will work on better kinder formula for paying for sidewalks/ curbs.”

Kimble, however, urged local residents to stay involved in the process, lest they again be saddled with sky-high sidewalk assessments.

Billy and Kathleen are good examples of how far gone people are getting in this insane pressure cooker we find ourselves in. Doxxing and death by denial of care are A-OK to these social media zealots.

I’ve got some poems I’m working on for these people, like this one:

your science can't take data
your democracy can't take courts
your rights can't take free speech
and your media honest reports

your equality has no balance
your empathy has no heart
your passion has no ethos
and a race to the bottom ain't hard

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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4 Responses to Doxxing, Death-Wishing Zealots Are Tracking Tucker And Wishing Death By Denial Of Care For The Unvaxxed

  1. Big Swede says:

    Turns out the vaccinated are the super spreaders of the Delta variant.

    USA Today has now scrubbed the article.

  2. Pete Talbot says:

    I’m not sure if you’ve connected the dots, Travis. The ‘Bill’ you refer to here went by the handle ‘Problem Bear’ back when you and I were writing for 4&20 Blackbirds. He penned some pretty good stuff, remember?

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