The Future Mayor Of Zoom Town?

by Travis Mateer

UPDATE: the link went to the wrong episode, but should be fixed now.

This week’s episode of Zoom Town is a conversation with Mayoral candidate Jacob Elder. This is a first for the ZT podcast, and it’s Jacob Elder’s first political race. You can learn more about his candidacy here.

The filing date for the Mayor’s race is April 22nd. It’s assumed that our current Mayor, John Engen, is going to run again after first being elected all the way back in 2006. No other candidates have declared their intention to file for this race yet, as far as I know.

Going into the interview I wasn’t sure if Jacob understood what he was getting into with his long-declared intention to unseat Engen. After the interview my skepticism was effectively dispelled.

I believe Jacob Elder is a serious candidate who understands what he’s up against and why Missoula needs new leadership. I’m excited to bring this hour of conversation (recorded on St. Patty’s day) to Zoom Town listeners.

As this race heats up, my podcast compadre, Tim Adams, and I will be looking for opportunities to interview Missoula citizens about their thoughts and concerns regarding this college town booming with zoom transplants and transforming faster than Engen’s cronies can spend TIF money.

So stay tuned…

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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1 Response to The Future Mayor Of Zoom Town?

  1. J. Kevin Hunt says:

    JACOB ELDER has the passion to take on John Engen. In Ward 3, the clean candidate is Daniel Carlino. In Ward One, I will soon announce my candidacy for the seat currently held by Council President Bryan von Lossberg.

    The mythology and manufactured consent by which the fixed-income aging homeowners, struggling working class, and income challenged renters are kept under heel by the interest-conflicted Alderpersons, big developers, banksters and real estate barons must be fully exposed. The imported idle wealthy who live off of dividends now constitute over 40% of Missoula’s population, and the rest of us are fungible future service industry workers at the heck and call of the imported wealthy.

    That is the Brave New Urbanist World we are told we agreed to.

    Ask yourselves, fellow citizens: when did you agree to this?

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