On The Social Pressure To Take The Jab

by Travis Mateer

The social pressure to get a vaccine is driving the decision making process for many people, including members of my own family. They aren’t going to get the jab because they WANT to, they are going to get the jab in order to maintain friendships, get on airplanes and keep jobs.

Fear of being socially ostracized is apparently a stronger incentive than fear of death for one member of my family. She has her appointment next week because she would rather inject an emergency-authorized gene therapy into her body than risk the disapproval of her friends. How fucked up is that?

The social dynamics bifurcating society into vaccinated normies and unvaccinated bio-medical threats is truly astounding, including the cognitive dissonance of pro-vaxxers who believe in the efficacy of vaccines while ALSO believing that unvaccinated people pose risks to their health.

How can someone who believes the vaccine will protect them from the ravages of Covid feel threatened by someone who doesn’t take the jab? I really don’t understand this. If I get Covid and die because I didn’t take the miracle vaccine, then that’s on me. What does it matter to you if I get sick and die?

While my family member succumbs to the social pressure to get the jab, more European countries are suspending the Astra Zeneca jab because of blood clots. This isn’t “conspiracy theorists” contributing to vaccine hesitancy, this is entire nations weighing the risks to their respective populations and hitting the pause button.

That’s not going to happen in America. Big Pharma is simply too powerful in the states, especially when it comes to controlling the message through corporate media. And the people who think they are smart, like my dad, are fully bought-in and incapable of rational skepticism.

I hope that that inability to be skeptical about the true motivations of Big Pharma (and sociopathic influencers like Bill Gates) doesn’t result in my family member being harmed. Because if she is, anyone who added to the coercive social pressure will be hearing from me directly.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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