Biden Ghosts The Media While Partisans Keep Pimping The Insurrection

by Travis Mateer

I’m glad partisans have the insurrection to focus on because without this emotional touchstone they might have to deal with awkward realities, like how Joe Biden hasn’t had a formal press conference in over 45 days.

The lack of access for legacy media has gotten so maddening, the Washington Post wrote an op-ed about it, stating stuff like this:

Mr. Biden has been in office for 46 days. It was only after journalists’ complaints became increasingly loud — and following a wave of bad press — that Ms. Psaki announced Friday that the president would appear for an extended, unaccompanied question-and-answer session with reporters.

Over the last few days, Biden’s appearances have been cut short, seemingly just as he’s getting ready to answer questions. What are his handlers so afraid of?

To deflect from the optics of a cognitively impaired old man who seems to struggle with things like knowing where he is and what he’s doing, partisans like Don Pogreba are getting all the mileage they possible can from January 6th, including this deceitful depiction, which starts with the title, Two Months After an Armed Insurrection is a Bad Time to Print Matt Rosendale’s Conspiracist Lies about Elections. From the link:

How long does it take to forgive a politician for stoking the flames of insurrection to such a fever pitch that an armed mob literally stormed through the most important halls of our democracy and killed police officers defending it? For Montana newspapers, when it comes to Republicans, about two months, give or take.

This paragraph features NO links to the sources Pogreba is using to back up his claims that multiple police officers were killed as a result of the crowd breaching security at the Capitol building. Gee, why do you think that is?

The fear-spell of the insurrection won’t last forever. Eventually partisans will need a new fear-spell event to distract their base from the senile old man they forced into viability for the presidency. I’m sure these clever manipulators will provide some new tasty morsel for the agitated populace to chew on.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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4 Responses to Biden Ghosts The Media While Partisans Keep Pimping The Insurrection

  1. Big Swede says:

    Here’s Biden forgetting the name of his own bill.

  2. Dennis Gene Flagen says:

    It really is sad to watch Biden stumble through his speeches and I don’t know how much longer his handlers can hold the press off like in the hardware store yesterday. The day before he couldn’t remember the name of his Defense Secretary nor the name of the most powerful seat of military might the Pentagon. Doesn’t it bother anyone Vice President Harris is taking one on one calls with heads of foreign states? The Covid lockdown certainly went a long way getting Biden elected as most people had no idea he was failing in mental functions. We all know all painful it is to watch a love one go this route. We have all seen how all former presidents age so from the most difficult job in the world. Trump probably aged least because he seldom took the job seriously. I think it was really unfair of the Democratic Party to put Biden in this position. But the powers to be realized none of the other candidates other then Sanders could beat Trump and the party leadership just couldn’t go with Bernie. If unfortunately Biden is unable to finish his term by health issues or death and Harris becomes president Trump will certainly beat her if he runs or another strong GOP candidate.

  3. JC says:

    Biden’s handlers just need to take a few pages out of the Ronald Reagan senility play book. Reagan got along fine pretending to not hear, reading prepared scripts, and giving stock off-the-cuff one liners to media as he waved goodbye. And then leaving all the real duties of the presidency to his VP, cabinet, staff and swamp dwellers. He was the model for taking an actor and giving him his lines. That’s probably the only problem with Biden. He isn’t a B actor. But he just needs to pretend to play one and he’ll get along just fine. D.C. is fully capable of playing along with the script. They did it with Trump whose incoherence became a daily chuckle. They’ll figure out how to do it with Biden.

    • Big Swede says:

      Compare and contrast JC.

      Reagan read off note paper, no teleprompter, no hesitations, no loss of memory. In later press conferences he answered quickly with wit.

      Not even close.

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