Another Insurrection Narrative Op From David James And The Missoula Current

by Travis Mateer

Last December a retired teacher by the name of David James helped Montana Democrats set up their sedition narrative. Thanks to the online “news” outlet, the Missoula Current, David James had shit like this to say:

It is obvious the Trump party doesn’t believe what is best for all Americans–just their Americans. Not about what democracy means and the power of the vote. Now that the vote has been certified; any further attempt to overturn this vote is sedition. 126 Republican representatives and 17 Attorneys Generals, like Montana’s Tim Fox, Greg Gianforte, and Steve Daines that want to overturn the will of the American people will be judged harshly.

When do calls to overturn a popular election in American democracy become a crime of sedition? Or, when Trump declares martial law as he has suggested, will true conservatives, American patriots, finally take their party back?

These words were published on December 31st, 2020. Exactly one week later, a minuscule segment of the immense crowd that turned out in support of Trump were ushered into the Capitol for a photo-op that became the alleged ARMED INSURRECTION (with a conspicuous lack of firearms).

The Capitol event on January 6th has been a magical gift for Democrats that just keeps giving. To back up this notion, David James has returned to the virtual pages of the Missoula Current with another piece of shit opinion piece that features propaganda like this:

If organizing a coup of our government isn’t a reason to convict a president, nothing is. The vote to not convict made those who were called upon to decide–complicit. People such as Montana’s Senator Steve Daines and 42 other Republicans demonstrated spineless courage because they couldn’t possibly tell their constituents the truth. They were afraid of the people they misled.

They owed their allegiance not to America and our Constitution, but to Donald Trump and his followers because of the lies they told. The election was fair. They knew it. But there is also an unfairness about a group of elites filling voters with lies about a stolen election, milking them for millions of donations because they are fighting to “save” the country, and then denying any responsibility while those who raided the capitol are hauled off to jail.

But, because of their cowardice and no penalty for this treason, it is likely to happen again.

There is so much wrong with James’ heaping pile that I’m not sure where to begin. Should I begin with the oxymoronic term “spineless courage”, or should I ask what evidence exists that Trump ORGANIZED A COUP?

It doesn’t matter what I do because the competing narratives have solidified in the minds of most Americans. Half the country is invested in the failed coup narrative, while the other half thinks the election was stolen.

While I try to have some sympathy for victims of propaganda, I have ZERO SYMPATHY for a peddler of propaganda like David James, who strings together his scary fantasy narrative to amplify political divides for partisan effect.

If David James wasn’t a Democrat-supporting partisan hack, he might recall how Democrats made a calculated choice in 2008 to NOT HOLD BUSH ACCOUNTABLE for torturing humans in the fog of war and calling it “enhanced interrogation” to avoid criminal liability.

Obama wanted to move the country forward and unify Americans instead of doing the difficult work of dealing with the horrors Bush unleashed after 9/11. Sound familiar, David?

After the lost opportunity in 2008 to hold the evil Bush regime accountable for their plethora of atrocities, we have moved farther and farther away from a constitutional republic based on the rule of law toward an authoritarianism that’s starting to look more and more like a fictional installment of The Hunger Games.

A show trial might be good for Democrats, who desperately want you to believe our elections are fair and Joe Biden is actually making presidential decisions, but it’s not going to happen. And why is that?

It won’t happen for the same reason Democrats didn’t use legitimate means, like the emolument clause, to go after Trump. They are ALL swamp creatures living by swamp rules, so exposing the entrenched methods of official corruption would mean limiting their own corrupt party from the methods they have grown to depend on.

David James is a partisan hack, so he won’t be telling you stuff like this.

And the Missoula Current is a propaganda rag run by Montana’s version of Gomer Pyle.

If that’s the kind of info you think will confirm your biases and prejudices, and keep you protected from the harsh realities of what America has actually become on the world stage, then by all means, continue consuming their bullshit.

OR you can wake up, put on your grownup pants, and deal with reality as it exists on the ground.

The choice is yours.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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  2. “The election was fair. They knew it.”
    Which is why TIME Magazine published the eupemistic “Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election” that reveals it wasn’t “rigged”; it was “fortified”. Nothing to see here:

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