The Key To Undoing Their Control Matrix

by William Skink

One of the main lynchpins that keeps us mired in their control matrix is the fear of death. If you take away that fear, then the perceived need to inject an unproven vaccine into your body will quickly evaporate.

If you are someone who thinks your consciousness is snuffed out when your meat sack expires, then it makes sense that anything that would protect it from a threat like the dreaded Covid would seem preferable.

Companies like Tonix Pharmaceuticals, which just closed on 44 acres in Hamilton for vaccine production, is more than happy to rake in billions of dollars on your fear of Covid, and media outlets, like the Missoula Current, are more than happy to provide the fear-based stenography that will ensure vaccine regimens will be a big part of our NEW NORMAL.

Here is stenographer Martin Kidston doing his thing for Big Pharma:

Dr. Seth Lederman, co-founder and CEO of Tonix, said it’s unknown whether the first generation of COVID vaccines currently being administered to the public will provide year-after-year protection, or block forward transmission of the virus.

New strains of the virus have already been reported in Europe, and like the flu virus, COVID could require an evolving vaccine to stay ahead of future mutations.

“The COVID-19 pandemic exposed weaknesses in domestic vaccine development and manufacturing capabilities,” said Lederman. “We believe it’s critical to bring these capabilities and high-tech jobs back to the U.S., both to finish the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and to prepare for potential future pandemics.”

Even when the current pandemic subsides, Lederman said it’s likely that COVID will become endemic, meaning that humans will have to live with the virus. Like other diseases, it will serve as a constant threat that can only been managed by vaccinating the population.

“To manage COVID-19 in the future, we need a next generation COVID-19 vaccine that can be part of the standard childhood immunizations, like MMR for mumps, measles and rubella,” Lederman said. “We expect that such a vaccine will be a live-virus vaccine, because of their potential to provide durable protection and block transmission.”

My emphasis in the above quote highlights the fear-porn programming we are being subjected to. MORE pandemics are coming…a CONSTANT THREAT that can ONLY be managed through vaccines!

Fuck that noise.

Instead of wrapping my meat sack in their fear blanket, I wake up each morning and greet the day with the knowledge that today could be the day I die, but since I have faith that consciousness persists beyond the expiration of my flesh suit, I am not paralyzed by fear and dutifully waiting for a company like Tonix to save me.

If you read the rest of the Missoula Current article, you will get supportive quotes from Jon Tester, Steve Daines and Governor-elect Gianforte because nothing is more non-partisan than making massive amounts of money by exploiting fear.

Remember 9/11? Remember Al-Qaeda and how afraid you were supposed to be of them?

That fear was a bunch of bullshit as well, as evidenced by the fact that the same brand of Muslim extremists who supposedly attacked America on that day strangely became our allies of convenience in places like Syria.

It’s only strange if you don’t understand how fear is used to stop your brain from working and to keep you in a low, vibratory state of consciousness.

If you are tired of being a victim of their fear-based mind control then take some simple steps to extricate yourself from their web of influence. Turn off your tv, put the phone down, and go the fuck outside to experience the daily miracle of the natural world and the symbiosis of life as it exists all around you.

The magic is there, waiting for you, but you’ll never see it or experience it if you allow their fear regime to dominate your consciousness.

You are NOT cattle meant to be managed by sociopath shepherds feeding their dark appetites.

You are sparks of divinity created from the highest vibration in the known universe: love.

So start acting like it!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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    Fear the new strain, Covid-23.

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