Covid As The Great Amplifier Of Relationships

by William Skink

Wherever stress-lines exist in your relationships, whether it’s with people or institutions, I suspect Covid has greatly amplified those stress-lines to the point of breaking.

In some of my own conversations, and the ones I’m listening to via podcasts (like Sam Tripoli’s Tin Foil Hat) the sad realization that, at some point, we might have to leave behind (metaphorically or literally) friends and family who just can’t make the cognitive leap necessary to prepare for what’s coming is starting to set in.

I’ve been marinating on the epiphany these last few weeks that information is meaningless without relationships.

What do I mean by that?

Take my writing on the issue of homelessness in Missoula, for example. Seven years working at an emergency shelter means I speak from the knowledge of the relationships I used to have in the non-profit world during that time, as evidenced by the pic below of my handsome mug and the smiling face of United Way’s ED, Susan Hay Patrick.

I am using the past tense in referring to these relationships because I am no longer the insider given kudos for my work in the downtown core. Instead I am more akin to a whistleblower who decided to apply some accelerant to the brushfires I set to certain bridges I no longer care to maintain.

My personal relationships are a different story because bridge burning is not what I am trying to do, but when it comes to my own father, I’m no longer making any effort to hide my resentment at his lifetime inability to form emotional relationships with his family.

So nothing he says to me will have any impact, and nothing I say to him will mean anything because I’m too angry and disrespectful in my delivery of the information.

Since I’ve been told that I am a terrible listener by multiple members of my family when it comes to how I am communicating my concern over things like the totally not mandatory vaccine, I did my best on Sunday to hear my dad out on his thoughts about why the caring people in Big Pharma are needing to rush their efforts.

It didn’t go well.

For my parents and RD readers and anyone else who gives a shit about being as prepared as possible for what’s coming, I highly recommend episode #403 of Tin Foil Hat about the controlled demolition of the American Empire with Charlie Robinson.

The alarm bells are getting louder every day, but the fear fog is still preventing many from hearing them. That will only be getting worse as we are pumped full of fear in order to get us to accept their solution.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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5 Responses to Covid As The Great Amplifier Of Relationships

  1. Craigmonica says:

    Did your father’s inability to form emotional relationships affect you growing up? Does that inability affect you today? How would you be different if your father could form emotional relationships w/ family?

  2. markmillward says:

    Hi William, I just came across your blog – via a link (I’m finding so many, I can’t recall now via which site) and I’m liking the cut of your jib young sir (I think I can get away with that – 60 last weekend and behind those dark glasses and what with your 12 year old son, I’m guessing you’re late 30’s to perhaps very early 40’s?). I’ve had a quick scan of your posts and agree with pretty well everything you say. Perhaps with more digging I’ll discover that you understand that the Scamdemic is at root a Luciferian (as in Freemasons / Illuminati (Gnostics) / Talmudic-zionist true believers) plot to achieve their delusional, deeply tragic and utterly evil, depraved and hateful earthly “utopia”. For a summary of which the Georgia Guidestones would appear to be the roadmap.

    This is an attempted take-down of the entire Western socio-cultural paradigm. And they appear to be winning, at least on material, earthly terms and it’s hard to see why they would not – our societies’ have been rotted from the inside out. At age 60 I absolutely understand that for much of that time, I lived oblivious to quite how serious the situation was, though as a Christian, I always had an awareness of the institutionalised evils that our society has eagerly embraced (gender ideologies, abortion etc.). As a convert to Roman Catholicism (I married a Catholic in ’84 and took 15 years to convert), I have migrated within that paradigm to the Traditional Latin Mass and now attend FSSPX chapels here in the UK – deeply culturally and theologically Catholic. And so I have a new perspective (about 3 years old) regarding the incredible capture by Freemasonry of most of the bishops, perhaps all bar a handful of Cardinals, to the extent that they succeeded in getting an AntiPope (Bergoglio) in place, whilst the true Pope – Benedict XVI is held incommunicado – essentially imprisoned.

    We of course have no access to serious means of self defence compared to you Americans, but it seems that that makes no difference as your compatriots who should be allied with you are all Branch Covidians and totally captured by what should be a self-evident hoax. Cognitive Dissonance is of course the psychological name for it, but psychology is a weak paradigm to understand the true spiritual nature of the war we are engaged in. The Luciferians are literally practicing occult magick on the population with their ritual hand-washing, masking, separation, double-mindedness (blizzard of contradictory statements – deliberate and absolutely not incompetent or accidental), use of in your face numerology and other absurd genuflections to this gnostic cult. I’m afraid your father (and my step father and other family members) are captured by this occult event. Frequent, regular prayer (as in several times a day without fail) is what is called for, on our knees to our Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Only the True God can overcome Satan (Lucifer) and without Him, we are nothing and will be unlikely to succeed – true repentance will be necessary and Jonah bringing the King and population of Babylon the Great to repentance in sack cloth and ashes is a great model for our times. As is the flight of Abraham and Lot from Sodom & Gomorrah – it won’t need the entire population to repent, but God does need enough good men & women to, in all sincerity, do the repenting and dare I say “bargaining” with God to provide the means and occasion for our society’s conversion and repentance.

    So, I expect suffering and am reconciled to a shorter life (if that is what God wills for me) than I might have anticipated a year ago. My red line is mask wearing, hand sanitising, the whole kit and caboodle – as for the vaccine, c’mon! Ain’t done it, won’t do it and if the zombies get nasty (I’m not sure, I think our fellow man is so spiritually cowed that they may not have it in them), outwit me and tear me limb from limb, or the 77 Brigade send the white van around, I have to believe that God will either give me the graces to handle it, or if I’m not the right stuff, he will shield me from having to deal with more than I can handle. He is a just and merciful God and will not ask more of us than we can hack.

    Long post, but I felt moved to respond, particularly when I read of the challenges you face with your dad.

    Best regards,


    • thank you for the comment, Mark. I keep my thoughts about the spiritual war I enter every day upon leaving my home mostly to my dear diary entries, but your comment gives me an opportunity to address some of the things you are brining up.

      I have often said, both here and in my personal conversations, that it doesn’t matter what WE believe (it does, but I’ll get to that in a sec) when it comes to the occult belief system of the power players making their moves. I say it that way to keep non-believers, atheists, skeptics and the generally spiritually unaware from simply tuning out, because I guarantee you many readers started reading your comment, then stopped because it sounds like Christian mumbo jumbo.

      when I rebelled against my Christian upbringing what I was actually rebelling against was my dad and his workaholic careerism. it’s been pointed out to me recently that I’m quite the asshole for not better appreciating the material comforts his work provided us, but those comforts came with a cost, and that cost for me became acute when I had to leave my friends in Seattle in the fifth grade because my dad got a better job in Kansas City, so we moved to midwest suburbia, where I cultivated a disdain for conformity, hypocrisy, and the suface-level PR bullshit that pretends everything is hunky-dory while evil metastasizes behind all the glossy images.

      I find it totally surreal that my research for the last 20 years has brought me to a place where I am taking the spiritual threat to myself and my family much more seriously than my own dad.

      I am not in a place right now where I can pray for his awakening to what is happening. my Grandma recently died and her adopted kids were there for her in a way her only biological son (my dad) could not be. watching him continue to prioritize work over spending time with his dying mother just emphasized for me how emotionally stunted he is, and I really need to let my anger over his retardation go so I can focus on fighting the evil motherfuckers who think culling the human herd of a few billion people and collaring their remaining property at a spiritual level is achievable.

      • markmillward says:

        Thanks for your reply and I can relate to that kind of anger. I experienced something similar at your age. It can be overcome, but my tuppence h’appeny worth is that it takes turning towards what you’re running from.

        As regards wearing my faith on my sleeve, people can at least see / hear what I believe and take it or leave it. Years of biting my tongue and no one any the wiser. 2020 rolls round and I see existential threats that require gloves off and faith loud & proud.

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