Charles Michael Covey Enters Not Guilty Plea In Brutal Murder Of Lee Nelson

by William Skink

Charles Michael Covey appeared in District Court today on a charge of deliberate homicide in the brutal beating death of Lee Nelson, pictured below. He faces a total of 4 charges and entered pleas of not guilty to all of them.

Covey will be represented by two public defenders; Robin Hammond was the PD who appeared at the hearing, and she requested six weeks for the omnibus hearing, which was scheduled for January 21st at 1:30pm.

Charles Covey’s own father has been making the media rounds, apologizing for his son’s heinous actions, and expressing a hope his son faces capital punishment. From the link:

“I won’t except anything then what needs to be done, I’m standing 100 percent with prosecution on this,” said Michael Covey.

“I don’t want him to live anymore, I want him done. Because this can’t happen again.”

Michael said he thinks the death penalty may be the only way to prevent his son from doing more harm: 

“If they sentence him to life in prison, they are going to release him into the population, and he’s going to do it again, to someone’s father or grandfather, and I don’t want that,” said Michael Covey.

I will be covering this case as it proceeds. Please stay tuned…

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