by William Skink

While I don’t relish bucking norms, some norms need to be bucked, and one bucking I’m willing to engage in as an artist is bucking the norm of having a conventional target for my art/propaganda.

Since other artists are coming out of the woodwork with new art/propaganda in the grand effort to depose Trump, like Jello Biafra and Pearl Jam, I can’t help but recall a fonder time for American power projection abroad, a time when the benevolent Obama presided over America’s killing machine with articulate grace and boundless optimism.

As a sort of thought experiment, I wondered what a more honest form of poetic propaganda could sound like, and thus created the following poem. Enjoy your Monday!


when our guy was the butcher
the empire, it was great
bombs were humanitarians
designed to liberate

so we liberated Libya
and other foreign lands
for Saudis and slave traders
rewarding loyal hands

your guy HATES this freedom
and barely bombed Assad
because, as we ALL know,
he's Putin's PUPPY DOG!

OUR guy IS revolution
whatever color you choose
and creative with the flags
if it looks like we might lose

so get ready, MAGA
November's almost here
and like Axl brings the rain
we will bring THE FEAR

for MEGA is the MOMENT
and MEGA is the MAN
we'll get our dolts to vote for
resetting global plans 

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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