As Violence Escalates, Corporate Media Pushes Different Political Agendas

by William Skink

The only thing more fucked up about the escalating violence in this country is how corporate media is covering what’s unfolding.

Which incidents of violence should be highlighted and which ones should be downplayed? If you don’t think these questions are being asked you are naive.

Before getting to the violence in Wisconsin I think it’s important to spend a little time discussing what happened to Adam Haner, the unarmed white man in Portland who was kicked unconscious while sitting helplessly on the ground after being pulled from his truck.


In our fucked up media landscape, conservative-leaning outlets will emphasize this incident of violence for its viewers, while downplaying the militia element being activated by the increasing social unrest. Any white person watching this video of Haner swarmed by the mob and then beat unconscious will consider buying a gun (if they don’t already own one) and carrying a gun if they do.

While conservative media downplays white civilians showing up to protests with long guns, other media, like CNN, are doing their best to convince their viewers that these “protests” are “mostly peaceful”. Here is how Fox news reported on CNN’s report on Wisconsin:

CNN national correspondent Omar Jimenez was reporting live in the early hours on Tuesday morning on the unrest that had taken place in Kenosha, Wis., following the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake.

Jimenez was standing in front of a raging fire and the chyron at the bottom of the screen read, “FIERY BUT MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTESTS AFTER POLICE SHOOTING.”


It should be obvious to any objective observer that both conservative and liberal media outlets are trying to exploit this escalating violence to further their political agendas. In this sick game of exploiting violence for political objectives, who is going to benefit?

Ultimately I think Trump and the police state love the BLM movement. The violence and chaos that has been unleashed will make Trump’s law and order message resonate loudly far beyond his base.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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5 Responses to As Violence Escalates, Corporate Media Pushes Different Political Agendas

  1. Big Swede says:

    “Far beyond his base”? You must mean both black and white store owners in Democratically controlled urban areas who have seen their businesses go up in smoke.

    This is what I find most interesting. These are the victims of the Kenosha shooting.
    Joseph Rosenbaum, convicted pedophile. Served 12.5 years for sexual contact with a minor.
    Gaige Grosskreutz, a convicted burglar who was illegally carrying a gun.
    Anthony Huber, convicted domestic abuser. Convicted of multiple domestic abuse counts, ADW, battery, false imprisonment, and “strangulation and suffocation”.

    Rosenbaum and Huber are dead, Grosskreutz hospitalized. Interesting that they’re white, but more interesting they have German names. Paid assassins perhaps?

    • Big Swede says:

      The plot thickens. Just read this over at Instantpundent.

      “Joseph Rosenbaum appears in another video, and I can’t find it now, where he is face to face with armed militia. Rosenbaum is a short guy who goes up against big guys to prove that he, a short guy, is more of a badass than the bigger guy.. You can see it in that other video. But the problem is, the armed militia KEEP BACKING UP. while the protesters keep advancing and closing the distance until the protesters are again face to face with the armed militia. The (apparent) leader of the armed militia keeps grabbing his militiamen and pulling them back from the confrontation. The protesters are not afraid of the militiamen who have guns, because the militiamen have demonstrated that they WILL NOT SHOOT, and will back up. If you are going to a riot with a firearm, and will not shoot, then don’t go armed to a riot. If you are going to a riot to protect property, then don’t back up. If you are not going to fight, then don’t go to the riot.”

      • olbossy says:

        If, if, if, if, if……
        Skinhead Cops have infiltrated Americans police….Protected by a fucked-up union.
        It takes a GED to get a gun and badge. Ignorance and privilege are a dangerous mix.

  2. Big Swede says:

    More popcorn please. Language warning below.

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