What Is Open And What Is Closed In Missoula County Starting Tomorrow?

by William Skink

It was surreal driving to work today, not knowing what to expect. By the end of the work day bars and restaurants were mandated closed in Missoula County, per the Health Department.

But not really closed, they can still do take out. How are the logistics supposed to work? It depends on the space, I guess. Social distancing. But the grocery stores and convenient stores and big box stores are still open?

The Health Department is interpreting the latest guidelines from the CDC. Gatherings of 50 people and greater are being shut down, but in practice does that mean little coffee shops close while Walmart stays open?

And what about primaries tomorrow?

Not knowing what part of life will drastically change tomorrow, or the next day, is adding to the anxiety everyone is feeling. Pace yourselves, people, we are just at the beginning of this.

On Monday Costo was packed again worse than it was on Friday, according to a first hand account from my mom. Will Costco be allowed to operate normally tomorrow while Break Espresso has to turn away business?

Local businesses are being asked to sacrifice in ways some of them won’t be able to bounce back from. People are losing their jobs. The entire economic system is fracturing all around us.

If and when we get through this first wave of disruption, what will development in Missoula look like moving forward? Is Nick Checota’s Big D(rift) still going to break ground this summer? Will TIF still be used to sweeten mixed-use condo/retail builds?

I think I’m getting ahead of myself. Better focus on getting through the next few days.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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  1. J. Kevin Hunt says:

    Imagine the pandemic having reached us after The Drift was in full swing, tripling the number of cars and bringing thousands of people from all over the West Coast to Missoula, each weekend. Imagine that happening before authorities imposed social distancing. ¶ Not merely TIF, but the New Urbanism worship of uber-density is brought into focus by SAR-CoV-2. ¶And the late-stage capitalist world economy, particularly in the U.S., now demonstrates its fragility.

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