What Corporate Media Isn’t Telling You About Syria, Chemical Weapons And the OPCW

by William Skink

When you bomb a country based on erroneous information that should be a big deal. When evidence emerges exposing how bad information led to an actual US military attack, wouldn’t you think that would be a big news story?

There have been several leaks from the OPCW investigation that have occurred, but most Americans are probably not aware of that fact. Why? Because our despicable corporate media is more military industrial complex cheerleaders who provide stenography services, not news organizations reporting on the actual realities of geopolitical moves by US imperialists.

Earlier this month Newsweek’s Tareq Haddad announced on Twitter that he was quitting after his editors killed a report on Syria. This is from Mint Press:

A top journalist has resigned from his post after management killed his report on the bombshell news that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) suppressed a mountain of evidence suggesting that the 2018 Douma Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria was staged.

Newsweek’s Tareq Haddad announced on Twitter that, rather than accepting top-down censorship on an important issue, he was publicly walking away from his job at the New York-based magazine.

If you want to read a first-hand account of how bad our media has become, Haddad is now telling his story in a post titled Lies, Newsweek and Control of the Media Narrative: First Hand Account. Here is how Haddad begins his piece:

Until several days ago, I was a journalist at Newsweek. I decided to hand my resignation in because, in essence, I was given a simple choice. On one hand, I could continue to be employed by the company, stay in their chic London offices and earn a steady salary—only if I adhered to what could or could not be reported and suppressed vital facts. Alternatively, I could leave the company and tell the truth.

In the end, that decision was rather simple, all be it I understand the cost to me will be undesirable. I will be unemployed, struggle to finance myself and will likely not find another position in the industry I care about so passionately. If I am a little lucky, I will be smeared as a conspiracy theorist, maybe an Assad apologist or even a Russian asset—the latest farcical slur of the day.

The same corporate media that pushed the Russiagate conspiracy theory for 3 years is as allergic to the truth as our sitting president, yet too many Americans still invest their faith in the alleged fourth estate and believe they are getting accurate information about the world and America’s role in it.

They are not.

If you don’t want your pro-war propaganda spoon-fed to you by corporate gatekeepers with blood on their hands then you must seek out alternative sources of information. I highly recommend regularly checking out Moon of Alabama because MoA’s reporting has continually been proven to be more timely and accurate than any corporate platform.

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